17 May 2015

Friday's shenanigans

On Friday, we started the grill season on our balcony. Great food, great wine, great company. I like how you party in your late 20s; not too many people, but intense and super fun. I have bought an older Canon camera for party photos, and it turns out it was a good decision. The older generation means grainy photos, and I think it suits a party situation well. Hope you're having a great weekend!
AnCa was there, of course, and while we were dancing around to Spice Girls and drinking wannabe Moscow Mules, we took lots of selfies. Just like partying in 2011 in Berlin.
The winning dance moves.

14 May 2015

Casual glimpses of a busy life

Life is pretty busy at the moment. I'm running around trying to squeeze in as much social life as possible in the hours I don't work each day, and so blogging kind of falls by the wayside. However, if you go to my Instagram account, it's much more updated. So, what have I been up to lately? A few glimpses here;
Spring has officially sprung and the nights are getting longer and lighter. It's so wonderful.
A few weeks ago, I met up with Chris after a particular hectic day at work. Luckily, she calmed me down over some food and a long talk.
 Every morning, I drop by Democratic Coffee on Krystalgade for a flat white and a chat with the boys there. The view to Rundetårn from the street only makes it better.
Last week, I had ice cream with Tine in Jægersborggade. It made me so happy when we passed these bottles further down the street.
Last Saturday's breakfast table was light and perfect.
Otherwise, this is pretty much my table all the time at work...
On Tuesday, we met at Klaudia's for our monthly food club night. She has a great view of Frederiksberg.
Yesterday, I saw two movies at the cinema! One was a pre-premiere of Danish 'Guldkysten', the second was Argentinean 'Jauja' with Viggo Mortensen and grand old lady (and my idol!) Ghita Nørby - who came by the cinema for a quick chat quite spontaneously...! I only had 25 minutes between films to run from one cinema to the next, and my head was spinning, but I took the scenic route and went down this lovely street.

10 May 2015


Last weekend, I went to north Jutland to see my grandparents and teach my grandmother how to use the iPad we'd given her for her 75th birthday the weekend before. It was great fun to teach her, and she got really good. Saturday night, we drove out to the west coast to have dinner at fancy hotel Svinkløv. The trip out there was just as great. My grandparents know every inch of the area and told me tales of the places and the people and the nature and everything. I love those trips. After the dinner, we walked along the coast, the sea was uncharacteristically calm, and the sundown was mesmerizing.
My cool grandmother working at the iPad.
When we arrived at Svinkløv, we bumped into a festive group of friends and they wanted to take a picture of us.
I want to live near the sea when I get older.
The beach looked almost outer-worldly as the sun went down.
I love this photo of my grandfather.
The boats had been drawn up on the beach, and they were just lying there as if waiting to touch the salty waters again.
Those two. They have been married for 55 years and are still as in love with each other as ever.

11 April 2015


When Adam came to visit a few weeks ago, I took him to Neighbourhood for a pizza. I'd been there before a few months ago, and this time around was just as good. The pizzas are super thin and crusty, it's almost like eating 'knækbrød' (google it) with stuff on it. I had lumpfish roe and dild with sour cream. Adam had the veggie pizza.
We also had beers and cocktails. The cocktails were magnificent! I had a pumpkin sour and Adam had a cu-cress garden.
Look at that crust! Adam was mighty impressed with this place and it's definitely not the last time I'm back.

03 April 2015

About reading

I have always loved to read, but I haven't always been the best at remembering to do so. Mostly, I've read during holidays where I have the time to disappear into a novel, but I've always thought I'd want to read more. So a few days ago, I suddenly thought about all the reading I've done lately, not even just on holidays. I've bought many books the last few weeks, and I've been looking so much forward to this easter break because I knew I'd read Hemingway. It makes me happy that I have sort of taught myself to read again - and that I can also read without always being so swept up in the story that I can't do anything else (literally, I can hardly sleep or eat!) until the book is finished. So, what have I been reading in recent time?

Joan Didion - The year of magical thinking
I picked it up in the airport when I went to Bath a few weeks ago, and I read the entire book before I arrived 6 hours later. It really hit something in me, the language was beautiful (despite reading the Danish translation) and I felt I'd gotten to know this delicate, inspiring person.

Naomi Wood - Mrs. Hemingway
I bought this in Bath and read it in a few days. Hemingway seems to have been a difficult man to love, but one you'd gladly love despite all his faults. I read a similar book (The Paris Wife by Paula McLain) a few years ago which also gave this glimpse into this man from the point of view of his wives. Fascinating.

Lena Dunham - Not that kind of girl
I read this a few months ago and thought it was hilarious in the way she depicts womanhood in our time, and I could recognize many things - and laugh about more!

Jens Andersen - Denne dag, et liv
I haven't finished it yet, this biography about Swedish children's author Astrid Lindgren. But I'm fascinated by all the details with which the author paints his subject with. I would have liked to meet Astrid Lindgren, and now I feel I am meeting her.

F. Scott Fitzgerald - Short stories
I bought a copy of his collected short stories a few months ago on a rainy day. I read a similar collection in Danish the summer before last, and loved them, and I wanted to read them in their original language. Now and then, I pick it up and read a story or two, and they are always great. Beautifully written, surprising and feisty!

Maria Gerhard - Der bor Hollywoodstjerner på vejen
Danish dj and writer Maria Gerhard wrote this book about her time with cancer and her love for her girlfriend. It's raw and piercing and honest, and I read it in just a few days. She is a cool lady.

Anna Funder - Stasiland
When my GDR-thing was in its peak, I read this unforgettable book about the aftermath of the GDR. It was haunting and just added to the notion that I can't believe it really happened. Wow!

Ernest Hemingway - A moveable feast
This is what I'm reading this easter. I found an edition with handwritten pages inside and photographs of the Hemingways and their Paris crowd, and it's marvelous. I thought I owed it to the man to read some of his own words after having read about him in the wife-books...

24 March 2015

Went to Bath

So, the weekend before last I went to Bath in England to visit my friend Cordula, whom I lived with in Berlin. Bath is on the world heritage list and it feels like walking around in a Jane Austen novel. So naturally, we indulged in that world and dressed up, ate scones and saw old estates. All in all a very girly and fun trip!
(Photos are a raw edit, because I no longer have the editing programme I used to. Any recommendations for a good, cheap editing programme for mac?)
The first day, we took the train to Bristol to see Tyntesfield, a Natural Trust estate a little outside the city. Very Downton Abbey (here, Cordula is in Bristol, though)
Bristol was colourful despite the grey sky, and I loved the water that sliced its way through town.
Tyntesfield in all its many levels.
There was a nice tree and a goofy smile.
 The next day, I hung out with Jane Austen.
We went to the Royal Crescent, which was impossible to photograph well, so instead I took a photo of these adjacent buildings that sat nicely on a row.
Later, we went to the Fashion Museum and dressed up. Something I'd otherwise find too silly, but which was so much fun. Notice how well my shoes went with the dress..... And then we hung out with a group of Japanese girls and they were so much fun!
You get why this town is on the world heritage list. The Circus was very sweet, just a round 'square' of buildings from the Regency area. So beautiful.
On my last day, we went to see the Roman Baths. Built by the Romans circa 2000 years ago, it's one of the most well-preserved baths of that kind in the world. Bath lies on a net of natural springs, and the water was said to have healing powers back in the day.
Before catching the train to the airport, we had time for an all time England classic; the high tea. I could barely eat half of the coffee cake on top, but it was so good!