23 July 2014

Pre Jutland

Before going to Jutland, I spent a little time in Copenhagen with some friends. Sofie, one of my oldest friends, has just moved into a huge penthouse apartment in Østerbro with her boyfriend, and Cecilie, another very old friend, and I went by for some breakfast on the roof balcony.
The streets around the apartment were interesting, I haven't been to that part of Copenhagen before. And there was the most adorable Westfalia.
A few days later, I had dinner with AnCa on her roof. The sky went crazy and there was the most surreal light.
The next morning, we had breakfast in her courtyard. I had skyr with banana, and it was great.

21 July 2014

A western sea and a little wedding

I spent a few days at my mother's house in the middle of Jutland. One night, we packed the car with food and blankets and drove out to the western coast to have dinner in the sand dunes.
Who can resist these small wooden houses tucked in between the dunes?
My mom made lavender rolls one night, and I photographed it. I absolutely love the smell of lavender.
The next day, I went to Odder to celebrate Thomas and Sarah's wedding. It was a warm day and I didn't get so many photos, but they looked so happy and it was a great afternoon.

19 July 2014

At the grandparents'

I love visiting my grandparents; their world is filled with long talks about everything, wonderful stories about the local area, the people there and life in general, with coffee ad libitum, reading the classics, eating traditional Danish food, and relaxing. It's always great. This time, I read Karen Blixen's letters which I can highly recommend!
I caught a little glimpse of a butterfly in the lavenders.
On Monday, I tagged along with my grandmother to her weekly petanque session with some of the other ladies in the little town. After taking a beating, we sat down for a piece of my grandmother's freshly baked spice cake and the inevitable cup of coffee. Plus, I got a fresh load of local gossip.
One night, we had artichokes from my grandfather's little vegetable garden. It was heaven.
We had rosé and had to look up things in the atlas to support our discussion of various things.
My grandparents used to live in a big old house a few metres further down the street. I remember that house from my childhood summers; the garden was huge and my grandfather grew all sorts of vegetables and fruits in his beautiful vegetable garden. When they moved 15 years ago, he took his garden with him - this time in smaller scale in self-built wooden frames. This ensures my grandparents with year round fresh vegetables.
My grandfather and I took a little trip into Aalborg one of the days to run some errands. I looked at these little colourful houses, and my grandfather - the architect - told me all about local building customs and architecture. I love that.
Just before I took the bus to my mom's in the middle Jutland, my grandmother and I went for a walk in the fields around their house. We looked at corn and talked about some of the local weirdos - my grandmother knows all the good stories.

17 July 2014

Day trip

On Sunday it rained all day, so we got into my grandparents' little car and took a day trip northwest. We drove by endless fields of drenched ripe corn, my grandfather told stories about the parts of the country we drove through, about the nature, the people, the history. We sailed across small sounds in tiny ferries, we had lunch at an old train station, looked at photography by a local artist, and stopped and looked at birds. A truly wonderful trip.
We had a little bit of everything in the old train station in Nykøbing Mors (Belle Epoque, Lystbådehavnen Morsø)
The two behind umbrellas. On our way back home, we drove over 'Vejlerne', a bird reserve where two small cottages made for a lookout post with binoculars and information boards.

14 July 2014

Jutland bound

I'm spending a few days at my grandparents' house in the Northern Jutland. It's always great fun visiting them, hearing great stories, laughing quite a lot, eating good food and enjoying life in general. I've taken up reading Karen Blixen's letters to her family and it's such a pleasure. Highly recommendable! 
Photos from fall 2012

11 July 2014

We all scream for ice cream

There's a heatwave over Copenhagen and the north these days. Granted, it's 30 degrees and therefore nothing compared to what I have endured some summers in Berlin, but in Danish standards it's pretty crazy. So naturally, I crave ice creams and have been through the stock in the freezer. Despite the melting and all, it's pretty great with the blue skies and hearing crickets (!) outside my bedroom window. Again, not the usual scenario in Denmark.

09 July 2014

An afternoon with Chris and Iben

The other day, I met up with Chris and Iben for an afternoon of coffee and talking. First, I had lunch with Chris at hyped Atelier September (Gothersgade 30, Indre By) - it's probably one of the most Instagrammed places in Copenhagen. And it was very photogenic with the French vibe and the beautiful avocado sandwiches on old patterned porcelain. The food was good, too. Outside, Copenhagen was pre-thunder humid and it rained a bit. But we still managed to have a little coffee outside KafBar'9 with Iben before we moved inside.
It was a little too elitist for my taste at Atelier September, yet the décor was nice and the food was tasty, so I won't be surprised if I come back for more...
The lovely ladies between lavender at KafBar'9 (Antonigade 9, Indre By).
The busy architect from Stockholm had to work, and as a non-architect I found it interesting watching her draw incomprehensible (to me) lines like a coded language.
Later, we hit up Vansgaards Antikvariat (Fiolstræde 34, Indre By) hunting for old books, but I didn't find anything. I'm looking for English classics, and it's difficult finding them in English and not Danish.
I had a (staged) reading break in Finn Juhl's famous sofa The Poet.
I don't think I will ever grow tired of looking at Copenhagen's beautiful buildings. The stark blue one in Nansensgade is one of my favourites.