22 August 2014


On Monday, I had several meetings to go to in the city. The weather was misbehaving; every 15 minutes the rain poured down, so you had to be quick on going anywhere to not get caught in the showers. I guess after nearly a full summer of 30 degrees, there's just not more to give, and it's been autumn around here the last week with heavy wind, grey skies and chills.
I need to try this café soon. One of the great thing about moving back to Copenhagen is all the new places to discover!
I hid from the rain in Illum's department store. On the top floor, I had a flat white at Original Coffee where you can go out on a balcony with a mesmerizing view of Copenhagen's rooftops.
Flowers in rain.
After one of my meetings, I caught a glimpse of this old backyard.

At night, the sky cleared up, and I met up with AnCa and Kathrine at Falernum in Værnedamsvej. We had white wine, charcuterie and treated ourselves to a little Monday buzz.

17 August 2014


So, I've moved into Copenhagen. I've lived here for 10 days now and it feels great. I live with Kathrine, one of my best friends, and having her around is so much fun. Plus, having a city outside your door is wonderful after so many months in the north. I enjoy biking everywhere, listening to the noise of many people living in a tiny area, drinking great coffee, and having my friends close by. Now we just need the summer to stick around a little while longer!
Sleeping in my own bed again is amazing.
Kat and I celebrated our first night of living together on the balcony with takeout sushi and beers.
Last weekend, I hung out with AnCa by the lakes. We had beers and saw the sun go down over the beautiful houses on Nørre Søgade.
On Sunday, Amalie and I made a new friend. We visited Anna who just gave birth to little Esther, and we swooned over this new little lady in our lives. She fell asleep in my arms, and I think I melted a little bit. So cute.
I have photographed food a little bit; Kat made salade niçoise, and I've had lots of avocado on toast.
On Wednesday, I went out to Christianshavn to do an interview. Besides swooning over picturesque Christianshavn, I was high on interviewing as I often am. God, I love being a journalist!
Afterwards, I made a card for my mom and Henrik's wedding present.
I bought flowers for the kitchen table.
And I have watched the evening light play over the wall in my bedroom.

15 August 2014

A wedding

Yesterday, my mom married her man Henrik. We drove over from Copenhagen, the brothers, their girlfriends, and I, and it was a great morning. They married at city hall in Herning where they live (my mom moved there from Zealand a few years ago), and the whole thing was over before it had hardly begun. Nonetheless, we had a photo session, went home for some cake and champagne, and then the happy couple took off for their honeymoon in Amsterdam, and the rest of us drove back to Copenhagen. In two months there will be a bigger celebration.
My lovely mom pre-wedding with AE.
At city hall, we met up with my grandparents, one of the uncles, and two of Henrik's children.
Newlyweds! The room at city hall was most unphotogenic so we headed outside for a photosession.
Family, minus Henrik's last 2 kids. Yes, they both have 4 kids.....!
Naturally, we couldn't let the moment pass without one of our band photos.
However, we quickly broke out into a laugh. This picture really sums up our relationship, I think. My god, I love those boys.
My grandparents had come down from the north of Jutland, and one of my mom's brothers had come all the way from southern Zealand to be at the 8 minute wedding, only to hurry back for work.
Sølve and Fredericke.
Anders and Signe.
Niels Peter.
The wedding cake was cut.
Congratulations, mom and Henrik!

13 August 2014

A morning with Instagram

Last week, I met a bunch of fun people at Statens Museum for Kunst. Some of them I knew already, that is we follow each other on Instagram, and it was fun meeting in real life as well. We had been invited to the museum by Instagram who allowed us into the massive building outside opening hours. Here, we had a private tour, photographed a lot (of course) and chatted about this and that. It was great having the museum to ourselves, locked gates opening up if we wanted to enter a room, and I felt very priviliged having been invited. Plus, looking at art is never dull! (All photos taken with my iPhone, naturally - my Instagram account is here.)
Kristen, who works for Instagram, had flown in from the US, and here she's bossing us around from the other side of a large hall, so she can photograph us.
The meeting between the old outer facade and the new add-on building is pretty marvellous.
Our guide was sweet and enthusiastic, and I digged her style!
Me photographing Rasmus photographing Signe. It was great being in a forum where it was allowed, even encouraged, to photograph all the time, arrange shots and have people pose. Normally, my surroundings can quickly tire of my endless photographing...
Another meta shot, this time of Mette and I.