20 April 2014

Your Rainbow Panorama

Yesterday, we spent a couple of hours in Aarhus. We went to Aros to see the latest installment of the Danish Press Photo, and of course that meant a hike up to the rainbow roof, too. AE, his girlfriend Signe and I goofed around in the colours and took in a sunny Aarhus. Not too bad.
(Hello, Michelle!)
My mom was in high spirits!
I think spring is the best.

18 April 2014

24 hours at the grandparent's

Yesterday, we drove north to spend a day at my grandparents'. We went to an antique shop in a barn in Tversted (no photos though) and spent the afternoon back at the house enjoying each other's company. My grandmother and my mom are both knitters, I don't think they would function if they lost the ability to knit.
AE, NP and I played a game of Matador (the Danish monopoly) which I won big - for the first time ever, I think. I blame it on Sølve's absence, he usually always wins.
My grandfather was in the kitchen preparing dinner (he's allowed a weekly night as chef now!)
When I bankrupted AE, he took to the wine.
NP, who doesn't like fruit at all (!), was happy that my grandmother had made an entire cake just for him (ours had hints of apricot in it).
My grandparents both read several books a week, and they have an entire wall with books - from great classics like Karen Blixen and Dostojevski to books on architecture and philosophy. I love their book shelves!

15 April 2014

West coast

The sky was blue today, small clusters of wooly clouds scattered over it like white pearls. We enjoyed the sun and defied the strong winds on the beach of the notoriously wild Vesterhavet (the Western Sea) where we took a walk in the sand. The beaches along the western coast is filled with old German bunkers left over from WWII. They look as if dropped from the sky, halves buried deep in the sand, only the windblown cement corners peeping up. It looks surreal and worked as an interesting backdrop for our windy walk. Of course, there were loads of photos taken.
I took a sneaky, blurry selfie in AE's new blue mirror glasses.
AE looked pretty sharp himself.
NP played around.
My mom is always colourful.
Sweet NP.

12 April 2014

A truly wonderful day

Yesterday was a big day for me. I had my last exam in the morning and passed it with flying colours. So now I'm officially a journalist and officially done with school. How crazy is that! The day was full of happiness and laughter, and I can't remember the last time I've felt so incredibly happy and lucky. I celebrated the day in Aarhus with my family; we had coffee, wine and an amazing dinner with lots of wine and laughs. Oh joy!
It was strange leaving that grey concrete building where I've had so many good memories. But I also feel I've been done with journalism school for years because I've been out in the 'real world' working as a journalist...
My grandparents came down from the north for coffee and cake at Langhoff & Juul (Guldsmedgade 30, Aarhus).
NP looking smug.
I'm in love with the café's use of Danish furniture classics (and I thought a good while whether I'd be able to steal a few...)
Henrik and my mom looking cute!
My parents. They gave me a necklace with a gold K made from their wedding rings. I can't tell you how happy that made me. See it below.
Sølve had escargots for starters. We ate at Bistro65 (Jægergårdsgade 65, Aarhus) - a little French bistro with excellent excellent food.
The two youngest.
With the brothers - and a huge hand!
I had steak tartare for the first time. Yum!
I will remember this day forever.