27 July 2014

A day in Copenhagen

We took our aunt, Moa and the girls from Jutland into Copenhagen to meet up with Sølve. There's a heatwave over Denmark these days, so we melted in Copenhagen, but had such a good day beneath the sun nonetheless.
While the girls shopped, NP lay on benches reading his books on philosophy.
We had coffee at Ricco's (Sværtegade 6, Indre By), and I loved the coffeeshop's facade with all the reflections in the glass. And their lamps.
We had lunch at Papirøen and took the harbour bus over there from Nyhavn. I think they really enjoyed that majestic way to arrive.
Later, we met up with Sølve in Christiania.
Where NP and Sølve had an impromptu band photo. Btw, loving Sølve's Dolly Parton t-shirt!
We indulged in Sicilian ice cream at Siciliansk Is (Christianshavns Kanal 2, Christianshavn). Yum!
Later, we took the train to Ølstykke to meet some more family. We were a heat-tired group in the S-train.
When we got home at midnight, we dipped our feet in Øresund to cool down before hitting the beds. What a great day.

25 July 2014

A summer visit

My father's sister met an Israeli man in the 80s, and they have lived in the southern part of Israel for as long as I can remember with their two beautiful children. This summer, my aunt and her oldest daughter Moa came to Denmark to visit, and we spent hot summer days with them at the ocean, in the city, eating ice cream, playing games, and just talking and laughing. Lucky for us, they stayed a few days longer since the neverending conflict in the Middle East started up again cancelling all flights to and out of Tel Aviv. I hope they will soon lay down their weapons down there and start communicating instead!
The first night, we went down to the beach at dusk and took some band photos - of course.
NP posed.
The water was warm and people took night swims.
My aunt's long time friend from Jutland came too with her two girls.
A sibling selfie.
We had ice creams by the harbour and looked at boats and buildings.
...And took a group selfie in a mirror on one of the small streets by the sea.

23 July 2014

Pre Jutland

Before going to Jutland, I spent a little time in Copenhagen with some friends. Sofie, one of my oldest friends, has just moved into a huge penthouse apartment in Østerbro with her boyfriend, and Cecilie, another very old friend, and I went by for some breakfast on the roof balcony.
The streets around the apartment were interesting, I haven't been to that part of Copenhagen before. And there was the most adorable Westfalia.
A few days later, I had dinner with AnCa on her roof. The sky went crazy and there was the most surreal light.
The next morning, we had breakfast in her courtyard. I had skyr with banana, and it was great.

21 July 2014

A western sea and a little wedding

I spent a few days at my mother's house in the middle of Jutland. One night, we packed the car with food and blankets and drove out to the western coast to have dinner in the sand dunes.
Who can resist these small wooden houses tucked in between the dunes?
My mom made lavender rolls one night, and I photographed it. I absolutely love the smell of lavender.
The next day, I went to Odder to celebrate Thomas and Sarah's wedding. It was a warm day and I didn't get so many photos, but they looked so happy and it was a great afternoon.

19 July 2014

At the grandparents'

I love visiting my grandparents; their world is filled with long talks about everything, wonderful stories about the local area, the people there and life in general, with coffee ad libitum, reading the classics, eating traditional Danish food, and relaxing. It's always great. This time, I read Karen Blixen's letters which I can highly recommend!
I caught a little glimpse of a butterfly in the lavenders.
On Monday, I tagged along with my grandmother to her weekly petanque session with some of the other ladies in the little town. After taking a beating, we sat down for a piece of my grandmother's freshly baked spice cake and the inevitable cup of coffee. Plus, I got a fresh load of local gossip.
One night, we had artichokes from my grandfather's little vegetable garden. It was heaven.
We had rosé and had to look up things in the atlas to support our discussion of various things.
My grandparents used to live in a big old house a few metres further down the street. I remember that house from my childhood summers; the garden was huge and my grandfather grew all sorts of vegetables and fruits in his beautiful vegetable garden. When they moved 15 years ago, he took his garden with him - this time in smaller scale in self-built wooden frames. This ensures my grandparents with year round fresh vegetables.
My grandfather and I took a little trip into Aalborg one of the days to run some errands. I looked at these little colourful houses, and my grandfather - the architect - told me all about local building customs and architecture. I love that.
Just before I took the bus to my mom's in the middle Jutland, my grandmother and I went for a walk in the fields around their house. We looked at corn and talked about some of the local weirdos - my grandmother knows all the good stories.