24 March 2015

Went to Bath

So, the weekend before last I went to Bath in England to visit my friend Cordula, whom I lived with in Berlin. Bath is on the world heritage list and it feels like walking around in a Jane Austen novel. So naturally, we indulged in that world and dressed up, ate scones and saw old estates. All in all a very girly and fun trip!
(Photos are a raw edit, because I no longer have the editing programme I used to. Any recommendations for a good, cheap editing programme for mac?)
The first day, we took the train to Bristol to see Tyntesfield, a Natural Trust estate a little outside the city. Very Downton Abbey (here, Cordula is in Bristol, though)
Bristol was colourful despite the grey sky, and I loved the water that sliced its way through town.
Tyntesfield in all its many levels.
There was a nice tree and a goofy smile.
 The next day, I hung out with Jane Austen.
We went to the Royal Crescent, which was impossible to photograph well, so instead I took a photo of these adjacent buildings that sat nicely on a row.
Later, we went to the Fashion Museum and dressed up. Something I'd otherwise find too silly, but which was so much fun. Notice how well my shoes went with the dress..... And then we hung out with a group of Japanese girls and they were so much fun!
You get why this town is on the world heritage list. The Circus was very sweet, just a round 'square' of buildings from the Regency area. So beautiful.
On my last day, we went to see the Roman Baths. Built by the Romans circa 2000 years ago, it's one of the most well-preserved baths of that kind in the world. Bath lies on a net of natural springs, and the water was said to have healing powers back in the day.
Before catching the train to the airport, we had time for an all time England classic; the high tea. I could barely eat half of the coffee cake on top, but it was so good!

12 March 2015


It's finally here! On Sunday, it was the most perfect spring day. Although it was a little windy and still quite chilly, I spent all day outside walking around with friends, laughing and drinking many cups of coffee. It was wonderful!
I'm sorry I'm not a very good blogger at the moment. I am super busy with work and projects and friends and all sorts of things. But I do check in regularly, if only to see that the site is still there. Hope you are too! And hope it's also spring where you are.
I love when the light casts dots all over a street like this morning the other day. Every day, I get a coffee to go and the walk from Nørreport to work is a favourite.
On Saturday, it was overcast and I was hungover (and perhaps still a little drunk from the night before...), but it didn't matter cause I spent the day with the brothers.
The breakfast table on Sunday was golden.
Here I am. Hi!
A blanket of spring at Assistens Kirkegård.
Again, window reflections. The best.
Copenhagen, and particularly the lakes, were plastered with people out enjoying the first rays.
Dronning Louise's Bro was packed as always. I don't think you'll find a better catwalk than that...
It was March 8, the international women's day, and people had put up coloured flags on the bridge and a demonstration went by.
We sat for a while by the water, trying to ignore the wind and just keep talking, but when it became too cold, we headed further up the street for pizza at Gorm's in Torvehallerne. Best Sunday ever.

21 February 2015

Small things in the last days

Wow, so many things happened all of a sudden. Last Saturday, I went north to hang out with my friend Tine at her parents' house by the lake in Fredensborg. We watched movies, talked a lot and were constantly updated on the terrible things going on back in the city. Monday night, I woke up to the sound of sirens and barking dogs outside my window, and when I looked out, a policeman ran across the little strip of lawn outside, a machine gun in his hands and with a sense of being on a possibly dangerous mission. It was pretty scary. The city has been different this week; full of police and flowers at the places where the victims were killed. People are a little more close together, and despite certain idiotic comments in the media, I think everybody wants to get through this as one. A few glimpses from a somewhat different week;
The weekend before last, I climbed the Tower of Christiansborg with Sheila, and the view over the suntipped city was amazing.
And after that, the sky was grey for days.
Fredensborg Castle is one of my favourite buildings. It reminds me of my teenage years, where we lived in Fredensborg. They were actually pretty great.
With and without Tine jumping.
This week, we had a meeting at work, and we took it out of the house at KafBar'9 (Antonigade 9, Indre By). Always a pleasure.
Chris finally came home from LA, and we went out for Korean food at Hanzo (Sortedam Dossering 5, Nørrebro). Very nice.
Today, I met Lene and Mikal from Norwegian coffee magazine Brygg. They are in Copenhagen and we had coffee at Copenhagen Coffee Lab (Boldhusgade 6, Indre By) (my first visit - definitely not my last!) - and then I went up to Hay to do some shopping and obviously had to take the mandatory Hay-shot.

15 February 2015


It makes me so sad. Why haven't we yet learned to love and stand together instead of fighting?

13 February 2015

A feature

Sweet Caroline, who I met in Berlin last year, just featured me on her blog Silverstories. Here, I explain my sometimes difficult relationship to Copenhagen and share a few of my favourite places in the city. Enjoy! And be sure to check her out, she's a cool lady!

07 February 2015

First week

Woops, a whole week went by since I last checked in here. I started a new job, my first actual adult job, on Monday, and this week has been a whirlwind of new impressions, new ways of doing things, and not least a whole new subject of journalism for me. It's been daunting, but interesting, and I'm sure the next 6 months will be full of great experiences.
Copenhagen got a round of snow this week, and the view from my office made it pretty wonderful. I am not so much for snow unless I'm inside looking out...
Almost all my mornings start here, at Democratic Coffee in Krystalgade. I love love love their coffee, and the guys in there are so nice. It's the best way to start my work day.

01 February 2015

24 hours in Aarhus

I spent the weekend in Aarhus visiting my brother who studies philosophy there. It was just me, the brothers and my dad, and it was so much fun. We had carefully planned road trip mixes for the drive, and in Aarhus we went to Moesgaard Museum, had crazy good cocktails at St. Pauls Apothek (Jægergårdsgade 76) and crazy good food at Klassisk65 (Jægergårdsgade 65) where we were the last to leave and had epic laughing fits, helped along by great amounts of wine. Today, we had breakfast and a velvety flat white at La Cabra (Graven 20) before hitting the road back to Copenhagen. Tomorrow, I'm starting a new job, and this weekend was the perfect energizer for that. Wish me luck!
The sky over Moesgaard yesterday was a wintery purple.
Of course there was time for a mandatory band photo. The boys are getting tired of these....
I love Klassisk65! We went there when I finished journalism school last year, and this time it didn't disappoint either. I went for the tartare again, and everything was divine!
The city hall with its famous tower looked alright this morning from the hotel window.
Aarhus doesn't wake up until 11am on a Sunday, so we had a bit of a wait for our coffee. It was cold but sunny, and we cracked jokes in the meantime.
Of course the coffee didn't disappoint. And I loved the fashion appropriate marble table, too.