31 August 2012

Little town, goodbye

Copenhagen, we're getting close to the end: I'm leaving you. It's not you, it's me. I just want more. You've been a good sport these last few years always letting me back in, but it's not the same as it was five years ago when I saw you the first time. I've found someone else and I'm moving on. But I will never forget those lovely spring days when you're the most beautiful, your buildings and blue skies. And I wont forget that you were my first love. Thanks for everything. I don't know when I'll see you again, if I'll ever come back to you for good. Maybe we can hang out a little bit once in a while, having drinks in a dark bar or something... You are after all home to some of the people I love most on this earth. But you and me... It's just not working out right now. Take care, little town.

30 August 2012

Eastern Europe chapter 10: Buildings II

More buildings. These ones are from Belgrade and Sarajevo.
 This was just freaky.... (Belgrade)

28 August 2012

Outtakes: It'll be a new chapter in a minute

The summer's almost over. I hate the last days of a vacation because I have a hard time enjoying them to the fullest. My mind is already occupied with the next step and it's frustrating. It's been a good summer, though. I haven't quite gathered it yet, it's a patchwork of things, but it's been good. The next chapter is around the corner, but the last days of vacation will be full of fun and games and I plan on a little craziness. Here are some outtakes from the last month:
 Chris, Tine and I went to the botanical garden where we were kicked off the lawns by an angry man with earrings.
 One of my favourite murals in Copenhagen is this one in Sundevedsgade in Vesterbro.
 The youngest brother was a hipster in Aarhus.
 Aarhus was looking fine when I was there for 24 hours in the beginning of August to move all my stuff back into my little apartment. I had mixed feelings about it all.
 This is the view from my father's house in the north. It's odd how calming it can be spending a day looking at water.
 Another mural in Copenhagen that's close to my heart: this one is right outside Chris' apartment and I've looked at it so many times the last three years. Her home is always my second home.
Now I'll enjoy a little slow time before going back to the city and eventually back to Aarhus...

27 August 2012

The man that walked in the clouds

Just saw the documentary 'Man On Wire' about the tight rope walker Phillippe Petit, who walked 412 metres above the ground in 1974 when he walked on a wire between the two World Trade Center towers in New York. What a magnificent thing to do! The documentary took my breath away in telling the story of how this came to life, told by the man himself and his charming French friends. If you have the chance, see it! (It's shown tonight on DR2, 23.50) 

Far from the asphalt jungle

 Before heading back to the north coast, I took Rosa for a walk in the fields around my mother's house. I've always preferred the asphalt jungle to actual wild life, but walking in fresh air looking at clouds and blue sky and softlooking fields is actually quite nice...
The diva.
 It's odd how you can feel the seasons clinching. Yesterday it felt very summery and yet there was a certain something in the air, like you know it's soon getting colder... I don't mind cold times, as long as the sky is blue.

26 August 2012

In the middle

I'm spending the weekend at my mother's house in the middle of Jutland. Where the fridge is filled with lemon curd and jams and where my favourite dog, Rosa, is the queen.
Rosa is my mother's dog and the ultimate diva. She spends most of her day sleeping (preferably in the sofa - but only if the pillows are arranged properly and the person she's sleeping on is in the right position...) But she likes the occasional walk, too, and loves to be scratched behind the ears.

24 August 2012

Thursday: Illegal party and lovely ladies and gentlemen

Thursday was a good day. Met Klaudia for coffee in Nørrebro where we were interrupted in our talk by a confused man desperate to know if we knew the name of a 'famous Danish painter of erotic paintings who had died 10-20 years ago, and who had been so huge he had to burried in a piano box'... We couldn't help him, unfortunately. Later, we bumped into Anna and talked in the streets, before I headed downtown.
 Here, I met Chris, Mette and Amalie for a beer in the park where one of our friends was doing a dj gig. He was supposed to play in a rooftop in Islands Brygge, but the venue cancelled so the crew moved to the park. It was sort of illegal, and the power came from a generator, so now and then the music stopped and someone had to go pull a piece of string to set it back on. But it was festive. And Jonas from Berlin came too (no pictures, though...)
 The ladies were lovely as always.
 The sky grew more dramatic...
 ...before sending a light shower down on all the hipsters that ran into the bushes.
 We talked to mr. DJ...
 ...who played a really good set.
A guy had given up and took a nap in the grass. We didn't discover him until he wrapped his hand around Chris' ankle... And then he gave people annoyed looks as if we were bothering his sleep. Thursday was a good day.