17 May 2015

Friday's shenanigans

On Friday, we started the grill season on our balcony. Great food, great wine, great company. I like how you party in your late 20s; not too many people, but intense and super fun. I have bought an older Canon camera for party photos, and it turns out it was a good decision. The older generation means grainy photos, and I think it suits a party situation well. Hope you're having a great weekend!
AnCa was there, of course, and while we were dancing around to Spice Girls and drinking wannabe Moscow Mules, we took lots of selfies. Just like partying in 2011 in Berlin.
The winning dance moves.

14 May 2015

Casual glimpses of a busy life

Life is pretty busy at the moment. I'm running around trying to squeeze in as much social life as possible in the hours I don't work each day, and so blogging kind of falls by the wayside. However, if you go to my Instagram account, it's much more updated. So, what have I been up to lately? A few glimpses here;
Spring has officially sprung and the nights are getting longer and lighter. It's so wonderful.
A few weeks ago, I met up with Chris after a particular hectic day at work. Luckily, she calmed me down over some food and a long talk.
 Every morning, I drop by Democratic Coffee on Krystalgade for a flat white and a chat with the boys there. The view to Rundetårn from the street only makes it better.
Last week, I had ice cream with Tine in Jægersborggade. It made me so happy when we passed these bottles further down the street.
Last Saturday's breakfast table was light and perfect.
Otherwise, this is pretty much my table all the time at work...
On Tuesday, we met at Klaudia's for our monthly food club night. She has a great view of Frederiksberg.
Yesterday, I saw two movies at the cinema! One was a pre-premiere of Danish 'Guldkysten', the second was Argentinean 'Jauja' with Viggo Mortensen and grand old lady (and my idol!) Ghita Nørby - who came by the cinema for a quick chat quite spontaneously...! I only had 25 minutes between films to run from one cinema to the next, and my head was spinning, but I took the scenic route and went down this lovely street.

10 May 2015


Last weekend, I went to north Jutland to see my grandparents and teach my grandmother how to use the iPad we'd given her for her 75th birthday the weekend before. It was great fun to teach her, and she got really good. Saturday night, we drove out to the west coast to have dinner at fancy hotel Svinkløv. The trip out there was just as great. My grandparents know every inch of the area and told me tales of the places and the people and the nature and everything. I love those trips. After the dinner, we walked along the coast, the sea was uncharacteristically calm, and the sundown was mesmerizing.
My cool grandmother working at the iPad.
When we arrived at Svinkløv, we bumped into a festive group of friends and they wanted to take a picture of us.
I want to live near the sea when I get older.
The beach looked almost outer-worldly as the sun went down.
I love this photo of my grandfather.
The boats had been drawn up on the beach, and they were just lying there as if waiting to touch the salty waters again.
Those two. They have been married for 55 years and are still as in love with each other as ever.