31 December 2012


2012 began with a massive heartache, gloomy thoughts and a longing for being somewhere else. And it ends with goodbyes and new, foreign adventures ahead. It's been a year of moving around, never really being present, great work experiences, stress, having friends go far away, healing, decision-making and discovering things. It's been a year I most of all wanted to escape from, but it also turned out to be a good year with lots of good memories. Inspired by simpeldagbog I'm looking back one photo at a time.
January began in London, and was generally cold and dark. I looked at the icy patterns on the lakes of Copenhagen, walked around with Anna and had a crazy party with AnCa.
In February, we celebrated Kat's birthday in the castle on a sunny day. I also got my iPhone, went to Aalborg for another crazy party and enjoyed the cold sun in the castle.
In March, I went to London to visit Chris in her city, which I'm beginning to really love!
In April, we headed to Berlin for some parties, walking around, snow showers and laughs. Yes!
Apart from another Berlin visit and spring in Copenhagen, May was shut down with Distortion transforming Copenhagen to a party central.
In June, I did a story on rockabillies. I also embarassed myself at midsummer and roamed around in Copenhagen.
In July, AnCa and I went trainriding around Eastern Europe on a mad adventure. It was amazing discovering new parts of the world and forgetting all about resposibility back home.
In August, I was homeless once again and spent the month as a nomad around the country.
In September, I moved to Aarhus and began the whole thing with a visit from Chris. I also made new friends and discovered great journalism.
In October, my brothers (and I) dressed up to celebrate my grandfather's 80th birthday. I love my stylish brothers! October was also the month where AnCa and Kirstine came to visit before I initiated a period of heavy school assignments...
 However, November also made time for a party with Michelle...
In December, the first snow fell. I handed in my last school assignment for now, packed up my bags and headed out. Montréal, it's you and me now!

29 December 2012

Glimpses from a month that flew by

December was gone in a heartbeat. I'm now officially without home and I have everything I'll be needing for the next five months in a suitcase. Liberating, actually... So, December was a strange time. On the plus side, I spent a week in Berlin, I turned 25, I got a grant that makes the financial situation somewhat easier, had a wonderful Christmas and got one step closer to Montréal. On the down side, I spent two weeks being sick, said goodbye to a beloved friend, was stressed to new levels over the assignment and I turned 25...
 Rosa suddenly got a tumor in her brain and was put down on my birthday. It was very strange coming home to my mom for Christmas and not having the little dog running towards me as I closed the front door. We all miss her terribly.
 Berlin was great. I felt at home and for the first time since moving away I didn't have that desperate feeling in my heart visiting, like every fiber in my body longed to be there all the time. I think it's because I know I'll be moving back in May, for good, so I know I'll be back soon.
 A little nook in Aarhus.
 Having a middle ear infection meant popping pills all the time - while writing an assignment, that is...
 Festive nail polish.
 A 25-year old face with a bow.
 I handed in my assignment - the worst thing I've ever written for school - and left the building knowing I won't come back until November when I graduate as a journalist.
 Some of the presents I gave away this year.
The youngest brother was keen on Christmas dinner.

27 December 2012


I can't believe it's been two months since I posted this! I guess when you spend all your time doing assignments and filling out papers to go off somewhere far away, time just evaporates. In 5 days I'll be on a plane with a great book, my adventure-playlist on the iPhone and good things ahead. The last few months in Aarhus have been strange and not enjoyed as much as they could have been. Aarhus and I have had a complicated relationship: I moved here in late 2008 and was off to a rough start in a squatter apartment with pigeons upstairs and homeless people breaking in downstairs, no job and no money. Later, things looked up as I started journalism school and had 1,5 years of partying, meeting people I can't live without today and learning so many great things. Then came Berlin and Copenhagen, and when I moved back here, nothing was like before and I was stressed out with school. Now it's goodbye and it's with a strange feeling; I never fit in here - as a Copenhagener you'll never be fully accepted in Aarhus... - and it was always a temporary stay. Nevertheless, I've been very happy here, and I'll look back on the Aarhus days with happy memories. So here's how I spent the last weeks:
 I made it to a crazy party with Michelle.
Tine visited me for a few (lovely) days.
Had coffee with Lou and Michelle at Great Coffee.
 I went for a walk.
 I watched it get colder outside. I sure will miss looking at the little coloured houses!
I had lots of coffee in bed (and a few eggs).
But mostly - and sadly - time was spent in front of the computer working working working.

26 December 2012

A quick hello; I'm eating

And so it was another Christmas. I spent it with the brothers, my mom and her boyfriend, and we had - and are having - such a good time I haven't thought about photographing or anything at all besides eating and taking naps and playing boardgames and discussing music and stuff. It's great. Tomorrow I'm heading back to Aarhus to pack up my place, the next day I'm moving out and heading to the north of Zealand, and soon I'll be flying out to Montreal. This month had flown by.

23 December 2012

Analog II

 More summer shots from around Copenhagen. Disposable cameras all the way.

21 December 2012

The first goodbye

Aarhus and I have a complicated story and I've been anxious to get on from here, but I didn't realize I have (at least) two major reasons for missing the town when I leave. Michelle and Louise. We haven't seen as much of each other as we'd wanted during my months here, but I'll miss them. Luckily, they both promised they'll come visit me in Berlin over the summer.
 We met at Langhoff & Juul (Guldsmedgade 30) - an ecological and quite rustic café. I like the decor with heavy wooden furniture and industrial lamps, but somehow it all seems just a few percent overdone here, I can't explain it. However, their ginger beer and carrot cake was sublime.
 The girls are looking away...