13 December 2012

Little coloured houses

As mentioned, I bought my ticket to Montréal. Will by flying out January 1st, so I'm starting off the new year with adventures. That day will actually mark the day where I leave Denmark for good. I might return someday, but who knows when that will be. The notion of embarking on new adventures, settling in another country - one I've never even been in before - is so exciting. I have always known I wanted to live outside of Denmark. Not because I don't like my home country, but because the world was always this unknown place just waiting to be explored, and it would be a shame not to go and find out how people live somewhere else. Sometimes I wonder if it's an arrogant attitude, and I've been ashamed of myself many times when I talked with my friends and only had bad things to say about Copenhagen or Aarhus or Denmark. I was too harsh on my home country and probably just sad from missing Berlin, and I think I've come to the conclusion that I suffer from longing. I became addicted to the great adventures of the world when I was quite young, and I haven't been able to kick that addiction. I think it's just as fine to be rooted in your hometown, but I find those roots somewhere else. Maybe someday I will find what I'm looking for; a place to settle down. But for now I'm a nomad. And it suits me very fine.

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