31 December 2012


2012 began with a massive heartache, gloomy thoughts and a longing for being somewhere else. And it ends with goodbyes and new, foreign adventures ahead. It's been a year of moving around, never really being present, great work experiences, stress, having friends go far away, healing, decision-making and discovering things. It's been a year I most of all wanted to escape from, but it also turned out to be a good year with lots of good memories. Inspired by simpeldagbog I'm looking back one photo at a time.
January began in London, and was generally cold and dark. I looked at the icy patterns on the lakes of Copenhagen, walked around with Anna and had a crazy party with AnCa.
In February, we celebrated Kat's birthday in the castle on a sunny day. I also got my iPhone, went to Aalborg for another crazy party and enjoyed the cold sun in the castle.
In March, I went to London to visit Chris in her city, which I'm beginning to really love!
In April, we headed to Berlin for some parties, walking around, snow showers and laughs. Yes!
Apart from another Berlin visit and spring in Copenhagen, May was shut down with Distortion transforming Copenhagen to a party central.
In June, I did a story on rockabillies. I also embarassed myself at midsummer and roamed around in Copenhagen.
In July, AnCa and I went trainriding around Eastern Europe on a mad adventure. It was amazing discovering new parts of the world and forgetting all about resposibility back home.
In August, I was homeless once again and spent the month as a nomad around the country.
In September, I moved to Aarhus and began the whole thing with a visit from Chris. I also made new friends and discovered great journalism.
In October, my brothers (and I) dressed up to celebrate my grandfather's 80th birthday. I love my stylish brothers! October was also the month where AnCa and Kirstine came to visit before I initiated a period of heavy school assignments...
 However, November also made time for a party with Michelle...
In December, the first snow fell. I handed in my last school assignment for now, packed up my bags and headed out. Montréal, it's you and me now!


Marian N. Larsen said...

sikke et fint år med smukke billeder, gode oplevelser og fuld fart på! Godt nytår til dig!

Deborah said...

Wow what ride you've had. Love your photos. And thanks for changing the commentthing :-)

Happy New year, and hope to see you over at mine as well. By the way, before I came to Berlin, London was my favorite. Now I have a tough time to choose, but I must say, I think Berlin wins.

What are you going to do in Montreal?

karen sofie said...

Marian: Tak, ja der har været fart på! Også godt nytår til dig :)

Deborah: Thanks, yeah Berlin definitely wins, even though I must admit I'm quite taken by London as well...

In Montreal, I'm going to study for a few months, I can't wait to learn new things - and in English!