28 April 2014

Weekend bliss

Oh, how I love love love those first spring-summer days where the sun shines so greatly, everybody's out on the streets, and everything is smiles and bliss. I spent the weekend well in friends' company drinking beers, laughing, soaking up sun, eating good things and just full on enjoying.
Saturday night was spent at Amalie and Morten's. They've recently moved in together, and Amalie turned 26 last week, so they had their cosy apartment full of friends to celebrate. It was a good night!
I crashed at Kathrine's, and we had the perfect breakfast next day. The sun shone beautifully so we went outside.
At Superkilen, we came by two camels....?!
Oh, the trees, I love when they are sprinkled with green.
E v e r y b o d y  were out on Nørrebro's streets celebrating sun, and we had ice coffee and ice cream on some stairs looking at all the people.
There was a fleamarket in Jægersborggade, so we took a quick stroll down one of my favourite streets.
We had an afternoon intermezzo on Kathrine's balcony - we dragged the sofa out there, which was a pretty good idea.
Later, we headed over to Klaudia's on Frederiksberg for some delicious dinner and good company. What a great way to top off an amazing weekend!
I can't think of a better thing than a view over rooftops.

26 April 2014

Louisiana and stars

Thursday night, I took the train two stops to Humlebæk to visit one of my all time favourite museums; Louisiana. Growing up, my family and I went there all the time to play with Lego in the kids' section or draw or look at art or take in the view over the sea from the cafeteria. I love the architecture up there, the mix of old and new, and the atmosphere. Thursday, I met up with Kristiane, and we enjoyed being there after 20 to have the museum nearly to ourselves.
The trees at Humlebæk Station were too beautiful.
And you can't lean your bicycle against the rail...
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Gammel Strandvej 13, Humlebæk.
The Hilma af Klint exhibition was good, albeit we walked relatively quickly through it because I was chasing the 'star room'.
Yayoi Kusama's light installation room is part of the permanent exhibition at Louisiana, but I hadn't been there before, only seen thousands of photos of it on Instagram. How wonderful it was to be wrapped in stars!
One day, I'd like a room like that with a window looking over water. Or maybe Manhattan's skyline?
I love the old main house at Louisiana, somehow it always reminds me of Karen Blixen...
And oh, the water...
We had looked forward to Louisiana's famously good buffet, but we came too late for it. So we had to settle for tea and a cake. But had a good long time to chat at the cafeteria, anyways. If you're near Louisiana, definitely go pay it a visit!

24 April 2014


I still have some photos I haven't shown from the day in Aarhus. They were taken with my phone, hence the quality - but I like the colours and the mood of quaint little Aarhus.
I like Weekday's facade with the letters and the stringent lines. And the clothes are alright.
I know Aarhus and I have had a somewhat complicated past and everything, but the narrow streets are always so familiar in a good way.
The sky over Trøjborg was white that morning as I walked to the bus that would take me to the exam. I didn't know whether I'd pass or not, but I ended up passing with flying colours. What a relief!
Frederiksbjerg's colourful houses with bikes out front were too cute.
And then there was the sinking sun that coloured the small houses pink, and then vanished. And we had an amazing dinner to top off the truly great day.

20 April 2014

Your Rainbow Panorama

Yesterday, we spent a couple of hours in Aarhus. We went to Aros to see the latest installment of the Danish Press Photo, and of course that meant a hike up to the rainbow roof, too. AE, his girlfriend Signe and I goofed around in the colours and took in a sunny Aarhus. Not too bad.
(Hello, Michelle!)
My mom was in high spirits!
I think spring is the best.