30 September 2011


I have a tendency to always write about the weather, but seriously - it's summer! The perfect weather for my first painting day in the apartment. Bettina and I carried 37,5 liters of paint from one end of Nørrebro to the other, carried it up to the 4th floor and began painting white on white. I finished off the ceiling on my own listening to loud music mixed with the noise from the city outside the open windows. It was magical.

 Goodmorning Nørrebro!
 We had a break at Jægersborggade where we ate pasta and looked at hipsters.

29 September 2011


We got the keys this afternoon. With summer outside and pulsating traffic below the window we could do nothing but jump up and down to try and let some of the insane amount of happiness out. Finally! The next few days will be project painting and moving. And then; we're there. Hooray!

28 September 2011


After one hour of economics talk at work I met up with Mette at Kalaset in Vendersgade. We talked about sexual education in pre school while we had tea and a mint cocoa (me) at the sidewalk. When one of us said "oh Jesus, do you remember back in 8th grade?", the guy sitting next to us turned and said "ladies, that can't have been long ago..." Haha! Kalaset is a really neat café with 50s furniture and Swedish roots. There's a whole story about the Swedish grandmother on the first page of the menu. personal and sweet. I like it.

 Mette looking quite philosophical...

27 September 2011

Warm zone

These days it's more summer than it's been almost all summer. While the mornings are chill, the light is sharp and the leaves are fading, the sun is warm and encouraging. It's a little bit of summer, and it's overwhelmingly lovely.

 The side of the building in which I work.
 It's not Dagmar - she's vacationing different places in Copenhagen until she becomes the queen of Nørrebro's streets.
 Goodafternoon, sky over Snekkersten.
 Crime scene.
KS with long legs - rare!

25 September 2011

Great Sunday!

This weekend has been amazing. Spent Friday evening with Kristiane and her sister in Fredensborg. Slept in Saturday and had morning coffee while watching bad TV. Went to Nørrebro and had take out with Tine in her apartment, watched funny movies and walked around in my future neighborhood. After having slept for 11 hours, we woke up and had morning coffee at Mokkariet in Jagtvej before we met up with Anna at Sankt Hans Torv to go to a fleamarket. It was far too expensive, but we had a lot of ideas for the apartment we're moving into on Saturday (yay!). After fleamarket we bought coffee and sat down on Dronning Louises Bro with the rest of the Sunday crowd to soak up this year's last summer sun - it was really warm and we were all ecstatic. Kat came by and we sat there for an hour or two before I went back north. I wish all weekends could be like this.

 My roommate in six days :)
 This lady was so cool with her silver hair. I was too shy to go ask her for a photo, so I went sneaky.
 Uncle Kat came by to tell us about her weekend.
 Nørrebrogade. I'll see you in six days.