02 September 2011


This is my post number 500. Which is a little surreal. So far it's been fun and I'm happy to write to an increasing number of people I don't know, people I know very well, and people I'm starting to know. Even people I've 'met' through this little site of mine. Thanks for reading!
500 posts about adventures, mostly in Berlin, thoughts about nonsense and pictures from all over the place. I took the liberty of gathering the 10 most popular posts:

10: Best of Berlin #1, June 5, 2011. Read here.
9: Last days of Berlin, July 24, 2011. Read here.
8: Room77, February 27, 2011. Read here.
7: My weekend with Tine, March 29, 2011. Read here.
6: Summerhouse, July 30, 2011. Read here.
5: Spreepark Revisited, May 29, 2011. Read here.
4: Glimpses from a strange night, March 13, 2011. Read here.
3: Copenhagen, July 26, 2011. Read here.
2: The Goodbye Party, July 16, 2011. Read here.
1: Beelitz, March 13, 2011. Read here.

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Michelle said...

Åh, jeg så vild med billedet af den fede frøs røv i klemme mellem to brædder!