18 September 2011

På gensyn + the archives

While the rain came running out of the sky, I had coffee with Chris at Kaffebar in Elmegade in Nørrebro. She's moving to London tomorrow, and it was only appropriate that it was raining. Just as it was on my last day in Berlin. While we sat there and ate chocolate in order to calm the worst pains, Chris' friends dropped by for goodbye sessions before we drove back to her apartment in Vesterbro. She had put away out some of her things and the apartment felt a bit empty. I'll miss her endlessly, and at the same time I can't wait to hear about all her adventures in the big city.

Some photos of Chris & me found on my computer:
 Summer 2009 before an epic party on a boat.....
 2007. New in the city, first snow in Vesterbro.
 Fashion Week, February 2008. Playing models after attending a fashion show.
 2008. No comments.
 Summer 2008. One of my absolute favourite photos of us. Taken on some doorsteps in Elmegade in Nørrebro. We had just bought the duck at an ice cream shop and baptized it Ella in some bottlewater. It was our plan to take it with us everywhere we went, but I think it's collecting dust in a box somewhere in Aarhus now... Nonetheless, it was a great afternoon.
2008 (notice the Roskilde Festival tan...!) Bon voyage, Chris!

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