30 July 2013

Slovenia II

More coastal heaven. I might be living in the city and loving it fully, but there is something absolutely addictive and magical about the sea.
 I took a sweaty walk in the little town. My family went to see some caves, but I stayed behind enjoying some hours on my own. Here I am doing yet another 'I'm-in-the-mirror-shot'.
 Croatia was right on the other side, you could practically see the houses, it was so close.

29 July 2013

Alles klappt, aber Berlin is sehr heiß!

Oh. My. God. While I'm actually really happy to be back in Berlin (a two year gap can change things...), I really hadn't missed the insanely hot summers here. As a Scandinavian, my max is 24 degrees, so no wonder I have developed a fever - I blame the 37 degrees yesterday... Oh well, sweaty foreheads aside, I'm enjoying being back. I do feel at home in this city, and I can't wait to have some milder temperatures, so I can go exploring for real. I want to see what's new after two years. My family left yesterday, and here's what we've been up to;
 In Eisenbahnstraße there's a little markethall - dangerously close to my apartment....
 We picnicked one night in Tempelhof, the old airport. The sun went down over all the hipsters, and I felt right at home.
 Two years older - and maybe wiser - but still a Berliner at heart.
 We biked to Tiergarten and Neuen See to cool down in the shade, and these two crazy ones (my mom and her boyfriend) got engaged minutes after the picture was taken...!
 On Saturday, we biked to Prenzlauer Berg and Kollwitzplatz for the weekly food market. Oh P-Berg, so polished and correct, of course the food market was perfectly looking :)
The view from my window in morning sunlight. Not bad.
 We went out to celebrate the engagement and drank Cava.
The youngest brother being cool on my street.
And finally a little shot of me schwitzing my a** off yesterday in the blasted heat. Man, I'm happy it was only 26 degrees today!

26 July 2013

Slovenia I

Ah, Slovenia. What a lovely place. Since my first venture into Eastern Europe last summer I have become quite infatuated with that part of the continent. And Prague and Slovenia didn't diappoint me this year. We stayed two days in the little coastal gem, Piran. Yes, there were heaps of tourists, but the little town was marvellous nonetheless: crystal clear water, a view to Croatia on the other side, beautiful Venetian architecture and sweet people that served us freshly caught fish on their rocky boat as the sun disappeared below the sea. What more could you dream of?
 Sol and nothing else. Mmm....

25 July 2013


I'm back. It's been 732 days since I, crying quietly behind my sunglasses, drove out of Berlin, saw the TV-tower glimmer in the setting sun, and went back to Denmark sort of unwillingly. I have spent the last two years longing to go back, especially the first year was tough, and I found it difficult being present because I thought my happiness depended on living in Berlin. Now I'm finally here, and it feels a little strange. Not bad, not good, just a little distanced. Oh well, maybe it's because I'm literally melting in the excruciating heat (it's already bad at 30 degrees, and on Sunday it'll be 36....) I'll return with more from Berlin, and not to mention quite a lot from Slovenia, Italy and days in Denmark. Here are a few snaps out the window of my temporary Kreuzberg palace. So long!
 My beloved K-lamp has returned to the motherland! I bought it last year at the fleamarket at Arkonaplatz, and I think it might be my favourite piece of furniture.
From my window I can see into Görlitzer Park - if not for all the trees....

19 July 2013

Prague III

I still have lots and lots of holiday-photos to share......
 We took the tram up to Prague's castle along with a million other tourists. At least there was a spectacular view over the city. Someday I have to live somewhere with a view over cobbled rooftops like this...
 AE and I continued our goofy-in-mirrors-style.
My father and his wife.
 Frank Gehry's dancing buildings. Not at all my taste.
We walked over Charles Bridge - again, millions of tourists - and had dinner on a boat docked by the nearby shore. That was great; we played cards, drank lots of wine, and watched the sun go down behind the majestic buildings. It's not the last time I visit Prague.