29 September 2013

Sunday cakes in old factories

This weekend has been wonderful. Yesterday was walking around Friedrichshain with Cordula (more about that in another post). Today, I drove down to the other side of the Ringbahn (oh!) to crawl into an old factory where someone had put up a stage and a table balancing on blue beer crates. On the table was an impressive display of cakes, and the whole thing was lit up by the strong, golden fall sun that shone so brightly through the huge factory windows. There was Nina and Johannes, there was Malene and Nicola, there were a bunch of gorgeous people with knitted sweaters and top hats. All in all a perfect Sunday.
 The day began at home where Jenny had invited friends over for brunch. Lots of German, croissants and laughter. Plus, I'm sad to be leaving this place and Jenny and Cordula. It's been two superbe months.
 At the factory, I met up with Nina who's always up for standing in front of a blue door.
 Malene, her Nicola and the Mexican photographer.
The sky over Hühnerhaus on 'almost my corner' was so beautiful when I walked home.

27 September 2013

Press trip

Last Tuesday, I went on a press trip arranged by Scandlines. We were a bunch of journalists from Denmark and Sweden who were taken around Berlin. First, we walked around in a sunny, sleepy Prenzlauer Berg, then came Mitte before we took off for the Stasi-museum in Lichtenberg. Later, we headed to Schöneberg for dinner in a gay restaurant before I took the U1 home through the dark city. Such a fun day!
An empty Pratergarten in Kastanienallee.
 Still haven't tried Bonanza Coffee Heroes although I've walked past it a few times now. One of these days...!
 We had colourful lunch at W Imbiß at Kastanienallee. Very very good Indian collection.
 The Stasi-museum was super interesting. I had been there before a few years back where I had been semi disappointed. But this time we went with a guide and it made a huge difference.
When I got off Schlesi and went home for a half hour break in between tours, I came by the little shop at the intersection. Oh, the colours!

26 September 2013

Suggested user

I have been on Instagram since I got my iPhone in February last year. I love the app and the way you can go to Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, Portland, New York and Helsinki in a flash. Yesterday, Instagram made me a suggested user, and I feel very honoured. Follow me on @kseberlin. Happy Thursday!

24 September 2013


It's funny how things can change so fast. A week ago I was really sad and thought about just forgetting about Berlin and moving somewhere else. I still haven't found an apartment, and I was actually turned down by one I thought I would get and really wanted, but it doesn't matter. Things are going well with my career, and I feel very lucky. I am in a good mood, and I appreciate the things around me; talking with someone over the phone late at night means so much to me, or watching film with the roomies, drinking rosé and eating candy. I really do feel lucky. It might sound like a round of babble, but sometimes it's nice to remember all the other things in life that makes you happy and not only focus on arrogant apartment people. So thank you, you know who you are.

22 September 2013

A little something

Since coming back to Berlin on Monday, I have been busy. I have been doing press stuff, writing and also having a little apartment-search-meltdown. I'm getting so tired of spending so much time hunting apartments, only meeting arrogant Germans - or just silence. But. I have taken another room while I look, so now I'm moving to the West. Very un-hipster, but I am so excited to explore a part of town I normally never go to, and to have an everyday life among business men, stilettos and gourmet shops. PS. Danes, I have a secret Berlin guide in today's Politiken. You can also see it online here;
 I got a new camera last week - I have to get familiar with it, but I am already in love.
 On Tuesday I ran around Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg with a group of journalists from Denmark and Sweden. It was such a fun day with some great people and networking and ideas for my little business.
 On Thursday I went room-scouting in my old hood around Schönleinstraße. So many new hipster spots have opened up, and I almost couldn't take it.
 Favourite things right now. I don't know how much the sunglasses will be used, though...
On Friday, after having said yes to the room at Uhlandstraße, I went out for coffee with Cordula to celebrate. We braved the rain and went to Friedrichshain for coffee and sinful brownie at Silo (Gabriel-Max-Straße 4). I thought I would be spending Friday night in working, but Cordula and I went for spontaneous drinks at Schwarze Traube and ended up at a private birthday party for an Italian girl with Adam and his crowd. Good!

19 September 2013

Red party in the ghetto

Jonas turned 24 on Sunday and we all gathered at his very cool apartment in the northwest ghetto of Copenhagen. There were red lights, strong drinks and lots of hugging, laughing and  d a n c i n g. It was all fun and games!
 The beautiful birthday boy.
There was also time for some impromptu limbo...

17 September 2013

Danish Delight

It's been a little quiet here for a few days - I went to Copenhagen and spent my time with my friends running around in the city, instead of in front of the computer. So here comes a little of what went down up there:
 Chris celebrated her 26th birthday on Saturday. The September sun shone beautifully, so we moved the party outside and swooned over lavish cakes, good stories and all the goodness.
Little Aksel stole the show, so cute!
 On Sunday, I headed downtown to have lunch at my uncle's. We had Danish strawberry pie (!), and I had loads of fun with the kids.
 Later, I went for a rainy walk around the Lakes with Tine, before a cold knocked me down and I retreated to Vesterbro for take out and tv time with AnCa.
Monday began at Dyrehaven with Kristiane before I spent the rest of the day with Chris walking around downtown. Good good times! I also went to a party and spent time in the north, so lots of things went down. More about that later.