06 September 2013

Looking back on summer

OK, that was it? As soon as it turned into September, the sky over Berlin changed to grey, the wind starting blowing and the rain started drizzling. How depressing. Albeit, the sun is out again, but who are we kidding? Summer is about to be over. And what a summer. It's been many years since I've enjoyed myself so much as I did this summer. Despite it being hectic and involving two big moves and two months of nomadness, I really appreciated it. From leaving Montreal on June 1st, to days in Copenhagen with friends, adventures in Europe with the youngest brother and my father and his wife, their house in Italy, and finally the long anticipated move back to Berlin where things are happening. Oh man, what a good one.
I flew out of Montreal on June 1st. I was very ready to get back to Denmark, but now I kind of miss that odd place. Montreal was a strange one I never really figured out.
Copenhagen showed herself off in her most beautiful colours when I arrived, and I spent euforic days in the city with my friends, who I had missed for so long.
I had a homecoming party on AnCa's sweet-ass rooftop overlooking Vesterbro. The sun went down beautifully, and we stayed up long talking, laughing and also dancing a little.
 I biked all the way to Dyrehaven with Kathrine and Kristiane, and we accidentally stumbled into a re-opening of the park's lovely castle, Erimitageslottet. It was full on with the queen in a carriage...
I went with my father, his wife and the youngest little brother on a little Eastern European tour before going to their house in Italy. First up was Prague.
Next up was coastal wonder Piran in Slovenia.
 Before ending up in Italy where the view from the house was quite extraordinary, and where we went up in the mountains to even more breathtaking views. Oh, Italy!
 When I came back to Denmark, I had a few days in my father's house before Berlin. Kathrine and Kristiane joined me for a barbecue in the 'garden', and we went down to the sea. Denmark can be so beautiful in the summer.
And now I'm back in Berlin where, despite an über stressful apartment hunt, everything is as it should be. Great parties, men with beards, coffee all day, beautiful houses and all the goodness I have missed from this crazy city.

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