22 September 2013

A little something

Since coming back to Berlin on Monday, I have been busy. I have been doing press stuff, writing and also having a little apartment-search-meltdown. I'm getting so tired of spending so much time hunting apartments, only meeting arrogant Germans - or just silence. But. I have taken another room while I look, so now I'm moving to the West. Very un-hipster, but I am so excited to explore a part of town I normally never go to, and to have an everyday life among business men, stilettos and gourmet shops. PS. Danes, I have a secret Berlin guide in today's Politiken. You can also see it online here;
 I got a new camera last week - I have to get familiar with it, but I am already in love.
 On Tuesday I ran around Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg with a group of journalists from Denmark and Sweden. It was such a fun day with some great people and networking and ideas for my little business.
 On Thursday I went room-scouting in my old hood around Schönleinstraße. So many new hipster spots have opened up, and I almost couldn't take it.
 Favourite things right now. I don't know how much the sunglasses will be used, though...
On Friday, after having said yes to the room at Uhlandstraße, I went out for coffee with Cordula to celebrate. We braved the rain and went to Friedrichshain for coffee and sinful brownie at Silo (Gabriel-Max-Straße 4). I thought I would be spending Friday night in working, but Cordula and I went for spontaneous drinks at Schwarze Traube and ended up at a private birthday party for an Italian girl with Adam and his crowd. Good!


Carry My Style said...

Just noticed your blog.. Great photos and interesting descriptions of the places yoy go:) I am a Dane myself - I have a fashion blog.. Maybe you want to take a look:

Have a nice evening:)

karen sofie said...

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the kind words :) Cool blog you have!

Astrid Scheel Meyer said...

You are welcome and thanks!:)