17 September 2013

Danish Delight

It's been a little quiet here for a few days - I went to Copenhagen and spent my time with my friends running around in the city, instead of in front of the computer. So here comes a little of what went down up there:
 Chris celebrated her 26th birthday on Saturday. The September sun shone beautifully, so we moved the party outside and swooned over lavish cakes, good stories and all the goodness.
Little Aksel stole the show, so cute!
 On Sunday, I headed downtown to have lunch at my uncle's. We had Danish strawberry pie (!), and I had loads of fun with the kids.
 Later, I went for a rainy walk around the Lakes with Tine, before a cold knocked me down and I retreated to Vesterbro for take out and tv time with AnCa.
Monday began at Dyrehaven with Kristiane before I spent the rest of the day with Chris walking around downtown. Good good times! I also went to a party and spent time in the north, so lots of things went down. More about that later.

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linda; said...

dejligt-dejligst ser det ud.