31 March 2012

Soundtrack: Gang Gang Dance

One of my really great music loves is Gang Gang Dance. I first came across them in the fall of 2009 when Jonas introduced me to 'House Jam'. It became my favourite song that season. I fell in love with the complicated arrangements and the fact that they seem not to want you to like them.
When they issued their latest album 'Glass Jar' last spring I fell in love with them all over again. This time, it was the big love. The album was more easy to get into without losing the complicatedness that's so intriguing. I could listen to 'Chinese High', 'Adult Goth' and 'Romance Layers' over and over. The album became the soundtrack to my magical spring in Berlin, and it still reminds me of riding around the city on my bike looking at pink trees, parties full of laughter and feeling endlessly happy.
When Chris came to visit in May, we went to HAU to see Gang Gang Dance. Both huge fans, it was by far the best concert I saw in 2011.
 After a long period of time where I couldn't listen to Gang Gang Dance, because it made me sad and miss Berlin too much, I started listening to it again when it became spring in Copenhagen. Now, I don't think I've listened to anything else for a few weeks. And I've fallen in love with GGD again.

30 March 2012

Recent worklife/I Instagram my life now

I feel sort of sorry for my camera. Since I got my iPhone I haven't used it so much, and I miss the smell of the leathercase that always reminds me of going to Beelitz. Well, I use my Instagram camera pretty much all the time, it's good to use for small everyday things. Like worklife. The new issue of the magazine landed at the office the other day, the first one with my byline in it - a proud moment for me since it's been my dream to feature in that magazine since I can remember. So this is what I do at work (some of it):
 A beautiful April issue which can be found in the national trains from Monday.
 The May issue in progress.
 I drink lots and lots of coffee and try to incorporate more fruit into my everyday office routine.
 Yesterday, the office had a social afternoon where we went across the street to Kongens Have and played a round of ball...
 With Rosenborg as a majestic backdrop.
On our way to a sushi place, we came by lots of the old buildings in Copenhagen. The afternoon sun made the windows reflect flashes onto the opposite houses. Beauty.
 We made sushi...
 Some of my creations. God I love sushi.
 Today I made a little drawing for the May issue.
And then there was a white tree on my way home.

27 March 2012

24 hours

 16.14. On my way to Østerport I walk past these amazing windows. I have loved them for a long time.
 16.42. Dirty train-windows and yellow flowers.
 08.02. Goodmorning in the north.
 08.50. I stop by Coffee Collective at Torvehallerne for a treat; morning coffee that hasn't been made in a suspicious machine at work.
 08.52. Heavenly walk to work.
 16.41. Waiting for Mette in Jægersborggade. As I sit on a bench in the pavement I look at how the light dances across the white building on the other side of the cobbled street.
 17.12. Mette and I sit in Assistens Kirkegården talking about everything that's happened since we last saw each other too long ago.
 The second coffee from Coffee Collective du jour; this year's first ice coffee.
17.26. Spring sky. It's 18 degrees.

25 March 2012


After having been sick for a week - as in not being able to stand on my feet for days - I was finally ready to face the outside again. So I packed my overnight bag and jumped on a train bound for Århus.

 The weather was good in the little city I once sort of called home, so Kat and I bought ourselves an ice coffee that we drank slowly by the water.
 There were beautiful flowers, too.
 Gingerbread lady!
 Kat lives in a small round room right under the top of the roof, and from her two windows you have the coolest view in Århus.
 We went to Train to see I Got You On Tape - quite fitting as I listened to them a lot when I lived in Århus back in 2009.
 Later, we met some of the others at a bar where I found a Club Mate on sale - the very last one they had! They didn't know that the only right way to have Club Mate is to drink a little, fill the bottle up with vodka and drink straight from the bottle. But you can't have everything...
Looking silly...
 Today we woke up to a shiny blue sky. Jonas came by with exotic fruits, and we made brunch. And coconuts!
A friend-and-Århus-infusion was just what the doctor ordered!

23 March 2012

Last of London: Buildings

 Buildings. I love looking at them, imagining their insides and the lives of the people who live in them. I love their lines, their characters, their ornaments. I love the windows. My last little London infusion is of some of the buildings I passed by walking around Columbia Road a very sunny Saturday afternoon.
Factory love!
 Look at the windows...!
 I think everyone who's been in London has photographed this wall near Brick Lane... I had to do it.
My favourite Brick Lane building.
(I've taken a lot of photos with Instagram lately for the blog - too much? Follow me on kseberlin)