18 March 2012


Kickstarted my weekend in the country interviewing the world's most annoying parrot. It kept on screaming and whistling, craving attention. We sat outside, his owner and I, and drank coca cola among all the animals on the small farm. And tried to talk louder than the parrot's screams...
 Friday was Kravling, an annual award show honouring the good journalistinterns. All the aspiring journalists came together to congratulate themselves. We drank g&t's and watched.
 Kat stayed over, and Saturday morning we walked down to Elmegade and The Laundromat Café to have brunch before we walked all the way to the city to look at shops and talk.
 I love Laundromat's bookshelves in the changing colours...
 The trees at Kultorvet had clothes on them.
 A charmer in a window in Nørrebrogade.
When we got back to the castle, I had a fever, and I've pretty much just stayed in bed since then. What a great weekend...

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