27 February 2014

Kat's birthday

Saturday, we all gathered at Kathrine's apartment to celebrate her turning 27. We were just girls in the beginning, and Kat had made a quiz which soon made us very loud, very eager, and very drunk. So when the men arrived later, they came just in time to see us play 'stoleleg' (you dance around chairs, and when the music stops, you have to quickly sit down...), something I haven't played since pre-school... Such a fun night!
Quizmaster; luckily, the quiz mainly revolved around pop culture in the 1990s. Sometimes I really do miss the days of running around in Harley Davidson-tights with blue mascara (in the hair) and Buffalo-shoes...!
Once the boys came over, I forgot to use the camera...

24 February 2014

Out with the brothers

On Friday, I was home alone with two of the brothers. We prolonged breakfast, looked at snowboarding videos, laughed a lot, and then when the sun peeked out from the clouds, we took a little walk down to the sea. The older I get, the more I appreciate the water. I can spend hours sitting in the windowsill at my father's house, looking down on the water, the ships that glide through between Denmark and Sweden. It's always changing. So I snapped loads of photos on our walk, and my brothers grew very tired of constantly having to model for me...
Oh, that blue!
I love those beautiful houses on the coast.
As we were taking this photo, and older man walking by with his dog said; "That's a very advanced selfie!"

22 February 2014


I arrived at the north coast Thursday evening. I'm spending my time doing assignment stuff, hanging out with the brothers, watching snowboard (my latest craze) and taking walks to the coast. I'm off to Copenhagen for a party but will return with more after the weekend. Have a good one! (Yes, the photo is from the summer...)

19 February 2014

Glimpses #8

I'm leaving for Denmark tomorrow. I'll be gone for a month and it feels sort of strange. I'm looking forward to seeing people, obviously, but I don't want to leave Berlin. In January, it took me so many days and so many upsetting thoughts to mentally get back to this place after the holidays, and now I'll be gone for much longer. I guess my relationship with Berlin is a little more complicated than first acknowledged. And then there's the whole spring thing. For years I've been looking forward to being in Berlin during spring, and I'm afraid I'll miss it while I'm up north. But I think I just have to do this to get a significant chapter of my life out of the way. Glimpses from last week;
I met sweet Jessica for a coffee at List (Weichselstr. 66, Neukölln). The coffee wasn't too good, but luckily, the company was.
It was a sunny day, and just before the sun went down, we took the elevator up to the parking lot at Neukölln Arcaden to photograph this beautiful city. I should do that every time I'm feeling down or out of touch with this place; there's something truly magnificent and reassuring about seeing things from above.
On Wednesday, I took a spontaneous spring walk with Johanne.
On Thursday, I worked with Johanna at Roamers (Pannierstr. 64, Neukölln).
And Sunday was brunch time with Ida and Stine at Aunt Benny's (Oderstr. 7, Friedrichshain). I'd been wanting to go for a long time, and despite the bad light for photography the place didn't disappoint one bit. Great coffee, excellent brunch, and then it was just three Danish girls having a terribly good time - I'm sure we raised a few eyebrows by our loud loud laughter fits and shameless conversation! (Luckily, there weren't many Danes around to hear what we were talking about...)

16 February 2014


Oh, I wish it could stay like this; 12 degrees and sun. I kicked off my day with a screening at the Berlinale Palast. "En Du Elsker" by one of my favourite Danish directors, Pernille Fischer Christensen, was pretty good, and it was fun to see my cousin mentioned in the credits as a special thanks from the director! Afterwards, we took a walk around Potsdamer Platz and Tiergarten and ended up at a café in Kurfürstenstraße. Such a great Sunday!
Bad photo quality, but I needed a little red carpet selfie with the other non-celebs.
Oh no, is that a Dane in front of a giraffe?!
The sky was dramatic around the Philharmonie...
In Tiergarten, there was a playground...
At Einstein Stadtcafé (Kurfürstenstr. 58, Tiergarten), we tried an Austrian pancake called Kaiserschmarrn. Pretty eggy but good with the plum jam on the side.

13 February 2014


Yesterday, it dawned on me that I haven't posted anything else but coffee dates for the last many days. So today I'm going to do a 'ThrowBackThursday' and show some of my favourites from time passed.
For the last many weeks, I have constantly been thinking about future and possibilities. Whether I should move back to Copenhagen or stick it out here in Berlin. I'm definitely choosing the latter, but sometimes I feel it's an insurmountable challenge to be living in a country where I don't speak the language (yet) and where I spend most of my time complaining about bureaucracy and annoying Germans. I wonder whether I will ever be able to feel as home here as I did back in 2011. It's so frustrating getting older sometimes...
I've been aching for this view lately. I really do hope I'll be able to spend a couple of weeks in my father's house in Italy. Oh, the cheese. And the sun. The view!
Last year around this time, I visited Québec City with the guys and the Québecers. It was such an amazing weekend, I remember feeling very very lucky and happy when I climbed that waterfall, hungover and tired, but laughing all the way.
I still think someday I might end up in the castle again. You never know.
But most of all, I think about New York. I feel it pushing on me all the time. Little signs emerge constantly; I dream about the skyscrapers, of being a little tiny dot in a big blur, and feeling the fast pace around me. I haven't given up, and I might be trying to make Berlin work right now, but only so I can move on to the ultimate city.

11 February 2014


Oh boy, it's been such nice weather the last couple of days. I really hope it will stay like this, because I don't think I would be able to handle a winter relapse. My weekend consisted of good things, and I enjoyed every ray of sunshine that came down on us.
On Saturday afternoon, I met Cordula for a coffee at Eliza (Sorauer Str. 6, Kreuzberg). It's on my old street and having gone to that place for coffee almost every day for two months, it always reminds me of those summer days when I had just come back to the city.
Sunday was fleamarket day with Flora Amalie. First, we dropped in on Silo (Gabriel-Max-Str. 4, Friedrichshain) where we had flat whites and ran into friends.
Flora Amalie did some good bargains at the fleamarket (the one at Boxhagener Platz, my favourite).
The sky was blue, and as I took the tram home to Neukölln, I was in such a happy mood. Maybe you can spot the TV-tower in the distance in this blurry iPhone-shot?
Although I had promised myself not to buy anything, I couldn't help falling in love with (yet another) school map. I had to have it, and I think it suits well in my living room.