06 February 2014

Times last week

Last week was cold and snowy, this week feels like spring has taken over. As I write this, I have my balcony doors open, and it's almost unbearably good to have lukewarm air caressing my neck. More of that, please! But, last week...
Thursday, 13.32; I meet up with Flora Amalie for several coffees at Double Eye (Akazienstr. 22, Schöneberg) in her kiez in Schöneberg.
It's a cold day with snow on the ground so I head back to Neukölln on the U7.
17.21; Later that day, I head over to my old apartment in Kreuzberg to have tea (and cakes!) with Cordula in her rokoko-themed nook. What a lavish spread...!
Friday, 10.58; I pop up from the u-bahn on Karl-Marx-Allee. I can barely see the Fernsehturm in the distance, and it's cold and snowy, but I always enjoy that DDR street. I am going to Max' house for brunch as part of our new Friday tradition.
12.15; American Max is making home fries, omelettes, coffee and toast, and Shirin and I are eating with our eyes...
12.22; Brunch is served, and I don't know why I've spent all the other Fridays without our brunch arrangement...

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