30 November 2011


With AnCa, 28112011.

29 November 2011

Sunday brunch with hangovers and stars

After the birthday party Saturday night, where we went to bed around 5,30 in the morning, Anna and I had equally hungover Amalie and Kat over for Christmas brunch Sunday morning. We made eggs, fried some sausages and some bacon, made coffee (lots!) and indulged in a breakfast table that went straight for the hangover. Afterwards we made Christmas stars in slowmotion, laughed a lot and listened to Céline Dion and some 80s classics on repeat (sorry, neighbours). Later we crawled into Anna's bed and watched 'Legends of the Fall' before giving in to our sleep depravation. All while Denmark turned stormy outside and had rain whipping against the windows and wind howling through the streets.

27 November 2011

Birthday minus birthday boy

Yesterday was Mads' birthday party. Kat, Anna and I headed to Vesterbro - actually the apartment just below Chris' - and drank wine, danced around with some Kolding hipsters and had a blast. Mads was happy to see us and just uttered a cheerful 'hello', before he collapsed in his bed leaving his birthday party to his guests. But we made it.
 Foxy Kat

26 November 2011


 Tuesday 7.49: Breakfast with Tine at Grød in Jægersborggade. It's become a very nice tradition, and the guys behind the counter recognize us now and call us 'the Tuesday girls'.
 Tuesday 18.11: Anna made homemade sushi - there was far too much, and we were very very full.
Friday 10.54: Nørreport is being renovated, and the walls are stripped. It looks cool.
Friday 17.56: Magasin du Nord by night. The windows equal Christmas for me.
Friday 23.01: Went to this year's first Christmas lunch yesterday. Saw fellow journalism student Malin for the first time in months and had access to free drinks all night = never a clever idea. We had steaks at Mash and cocktails at a club downtown that was almost as far as you can get from what I usually like to go for on a night out. High heels and wet hair strewn back, suits and money-attitudes. It was very Whiskey Belt and very full-blown. But interesting.
Friday 00.35: Free goods.

24 November 2011

Berlin II

 Men playing.
One of my favourite ugly buildings in Berlin. A high (laughing) point of a walk by the canal in Kreuzberg. What did the architect think?!
 A hipster in an elevator...
Bye bye Berlin.