07 November 2011

Weekend: North Jutland

I went overseas this weekend. First stop was Aarhus for an interview, then further north to my grandparents where we attended a 'traditional Danish food'-night with their friends (seriously fun!). The next day we went to the cemetary before I headed to Aalborg to visit Kristiane. Her apartment threw a belated Halloween-party that night, and I woke up the next day with a torn dress, a torn earlobe and a massive hangover. We spent the bigger part of Sunday feeling very sorry for ourselves, before I took the train back to Copenhagen. But what a fun weekend!
 After my interview I went to Lynfabrikken, my old favourite hangout spot in Aarhus. I love the factory windows and the atmosphere.
 A funny man.
 A classic example of Aalborg's 'let's-not-oversell-ourselves'-mentality.
Kristiane lives next to the old factory turned cultural center. Coool.
 After this, things got heavy.
Sunday is definitely in my top 3 worst hangovers of all time.

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