27 June 2013

B e r l i n

In about 30 days I'm moving back to Berlin. Indefinitely. I might discover that my love affair with the city ended painfully two years ago, or perhaps I'll be able to fall back in love with the same power as before. Nonetheless, I'm going, and after a few months where I didn't feel the same longing for the city as before, I now have swooshes of joy in my stomach again. I am truly excited to go back and see how it will be this second time around. You wouldn't believe how much I've longed for it. Anyway, I'll be spending a few weeks in Italy before that, and I will keep you posted. Tschüssi!

25 June 2013


Hi all,
I'm feeling a little uninspired these days. I used to love blogging, used to think about it all the time, wondering how I'd construct the next post, or what to write. These days I tend to forget it; I get too caught up in moments and forget to take photos, or I don't know what to post and what to say. Many things are happening: I'm planning the next chapter in Berlin, thinking big thoughts about the future, nurturing my 25-year crisis. I'm catching up with long missed friends, I'm drifting around the country, spending few days each place, sleeping on couches, in foreign beds, beneath changing skies. I promise to come back with renewed energy, but it might be a period with a little fewer posts than usual. I will try and post every week, but if I fail, my Instagram account never sleeps - follow me on kseberlin. Also, thanks for saying hello to me when you meet me out in the real life. I feel so happy each time meeting a face that reads along in here. Until next time; be well and enjoy the sun and life and the early hours of the mornings.

22 June 2013

A warm summer walk

Oh, I adore the lakes in Copenhagen. The four (actually five, but the last is parted in half) artificial lakes divide the inner part of the city from the surrounding burroughs, like fingers on a hand. On a warm summer night last week, I took an evening stroll with AnCa, soaking up the last bit of sun and talking and looking at the many many young Copenhageners who lined the streets with their beers and sunglasses. We sure do take take advantage of the sunny hours...
 Look how beautiful it is!

19 June 2013

An afternoon in royal surroundings

Yesterday, I biked more than 30 km. Needless to say that after not biking for six months because of Montreal, my ass is now more than sore... But it was great fun nonetheless. Kathrine, Kristiane and I biked north along the coast to Dyrehaven, the old royal hunting grounds. We sat down next to the Erimitage castle, where we had champagne, homemade wraps and sweet treats while the sun burned down on us = I resemble a lobster today..... The castle is newly renovated and opened up yesterday, so suddenly the queen and her husband came by in a horse carriage. That's Denmark for you, I guess...
 I adore the coast.

16 June 2013

An old home

Yesterday, I went back to a little town in the north I consider my hometown. All in all, I've spent 8 years there, it's the town I've lived in the longest in my life, and despite always moving around, I feel at home when I'm there. After my parents got divorced 7 years ago, they both moved away and I haven't had a reason to go back to the town since. I was there yesterday, and despite the weather being stormy and the sky full of lightenings, I went past the house we were so very happy in. It was a great house; beautiful and full of history. I once found a photo of it in a book about the town; the house is from 1890, and the photo showed it standing alone in a field, now it's in the middle of the town. It was good seeing the house yesterday, it brought back so many memories; like sitting on the front stairs with my friends, talking about boys and secrets and dreams for the future...

14 June 2013

On the go

I go back and forth between my father's house on the north coast and Copenhagen.
 There are late late weekend brunches at my father's.
 There was a beer with Jonas at Dyrehaven (and a smug model face)...
 One of my favourite murals in Copenhagen is at Sundevedsgade in Vesterbro. The colours go so incredibly well with the bricks.
 There was eggs benedict with Kathrine also at Dyrehaven. Outside, the rain fell, so we were soaked when we met, but dried up inside the hipster palace.
 A blue blue building at Nansensgade.
I don't know if this sign is a response to the many Copenhageners who are tired of living in a city that's basically one big digging hole, but I kind of like it. (Copenhagen is getting a brand new metro system = they're digging e v e r y w h e r e...)
Today I'm back in the north with a runny nose, so I'm kicking back in the sofa with Siri Hustvedt's 'What I Loved' and bucketloads of coffee.

11 June 2013

Copenhagen glimpses

I'm enjoying the warm days in the city.
I came by this bike on Brorsonsgade - my inner 8-year-old could hardly breathe...
It looks like yellow eyeshadow...
After a quick sleepover at the nearest bike mechanic, Dagmar was ready to carry me around the city. Oh, I have missed biking, especially on my old lady. My butt had to get back in training as well - I could definitely feel that it's been over six months since I've been on a bike....
 On Saturday we nursed our hungovers by lying around in AnCa's apartment all day. We watched movies, ate French fries and curled up in the big sofa.
 On my way back to my father's house up north I went by my brother's atelier. They were having a festival and it was so great seeing the place again and the beautiful art they make there. It's my brother on the left.

09 June 2013

Homecoming on the roof

On Friday I gathered a few friends on AnCa's rooftop terrace. We grilled, the sun went down, we drank wine, there was music, we laughed and ended the party indoors just as the sun began colouring the sky again. Wonders.
 Beautiful AnCa!