25 June 2013


Hi all,
I'm feeling a little uninspired these days. I used to love blogging, used to think about it all the time, wondering how I'd construct the next post, or what to write. These days I tend to forget it; I get too caught up in moments and forget to take photos, or I don't know what to post and what to say. Many things are happening: I'm planning the next chapter in Berlin, thinking big thoughts about the future, nurturing my 25-year crisis. I'm catching up with long missed friends, I'm drifting around the country, spending few days each place, sleeping on couches, in foreign beds, beneath changing skies. I promise to come back with renewed energy, but it might be a period with a little fewer posts than usual. I will try and post every week, but if I fail, my Instagram account never sleeps - follow me on kseberlin. Also, thanks for saying hello to me when you meet me out in the real life. I feel so happy each time meeting a face that reads along in here. Until next time; be well and enjoy the sun and life and the early hours of the mornings.

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