14 June 2013

On the go

I go back and forth between my father's house on the north coast and Copenhagen.
 There are late late weekend brunches at my father's.
 There was a beer with Jonas at Dyrehaven (and a smug model face)...
 One of my favourite murals in Copenhagen is at Sundevedsgade in Vesterbro. The colours go so incredibly well with the bricks.
 There was eggs benedict with Kathrine also at Dyrehaven. Outside, the rain fell, so we were soaked when we met, but dried up inside the hipster palace.
 A blue blue building at Nansensgade.
I don't know if this sign is a response to the many Copenhageners who are tired of living in a city that's basically one big digging hole, but I kind of like it. (Copenhagen is getting a brand new metro system = they're digging e v e r y w h e r e...)
Today I'm back in the north with a runny nose, so I'm kicking back in the sofa with Siri Hustvedt's 'What I Loved' and bucketloads of coffee.

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