03 June 2013

The last night in Montreal

I'm well back in Denmark. But the last night in Montreal was magnificent; my goodbye party began in an old garage north of the tracks, went on to an illegal party in the industrial area and ended with free bagels and hugs from Andy at St. Viateur Bagels while the sun rose over Montreal. What more could you wish for?
 Alexandraplatz, 6731 de l'Esplanade, Mile-End
 The brown brother was there, too. He came back from nature to say goodbye. In a week he'll be off to Halifax, lucky.
 The remains of the Danes.
 Orphé and Sarah.....
The Danes got fierce.
 White sister, brown brother.
 Absolute bliss. Warm bagels fresh out of the oven, cream cheese, salmon and good laughs.
We went home around 6am. Already, it was far too hot... Geez Montreal, one day it's -40, the next it's +30... Thanks y'all for making it wonderful in Montreal!

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