30 May 2012


I'm off. See you in the streets!
Photo from here

29 May 2012

Purchase heaven

I've looked at them so many times. The letterlamps at Arkonaplatz fleamarket. But I've never had the €75 needed to take one of them home. Until this Sunday when I was standing there yet again with a heart pounding for the letters. And an opportunity to transport it easily back to Denmark. So now I'm looking for lightbulbs that can make the yellow K light up my place and bring a little Berlin to Nørrebro.

47 Berlin

Spent 47 hours in Berlin this weekend. Drove down very early Saturday morning, had breakfast with die-hard-football-fans on the ferry and lunch in Dieffenbachstraße with Nina. Got drunk at night, rambled around the u-bahn, woke up in the heat on the 8th floor, spent Sunday at fleamarkets and on a bicycle. Had coffee in the afternoon with old friends, sushi in Prenzlauer Berg, u-bahn. Fell asleep to the sound of Kreuzberg going ballistic, woke up and drove back to Denmark after brunch in the sun. Whirlwind city, but what a great whirlwind.
Weird pose at the canal.....
 Dear Canadian pizza, I've missed you! (Ron Telesky Canadian Pizza, Dieffenbachstraße 62, Kreuzberg)
 Biked around in the summer heat, went from Kreuzberg to Friedrichshain to Prenzlauer Berg to Mitte to Kreuzberg again. What a wonder.
In Mitte I discovered a beautiful courtyard...
 I had afternoon ice coffee at Ringo's (Sanderstraße 2, Neukölln)
 Another ice coffee and ice cream at Kauf Dich Glücklich (Oderberger Straße 44, Prenzlauer Berg)
Frühstück at Fleischmöbel (Oderberger Straße 2, Prenzlauer Berg)
Sunset from the Great Belt Bridge with an apple in the middle.

23 May 2012

Life outside

 Wow. Last week I wore my winter jacket to work fighting my way through cold winds. Today, it must have been around 30 degrees. It's summertime, and people are gitty and happy and can't bear the thought of being inside. Nor me, and I love summerskies and being sunburnt on the nose (always happens!)
 Yesterday, I had a sublime chèvre chaud for lunch... (Beau Marché Café à Vins, Ny Østergade 32, Kbh K)
 I peeled and cut lots of beetroots...
 And had dinner in Nørrebroparken with old friends.
 Today, I came to work to find the new edition of the magazine (the one we witnessed being printed last week), and my boss brought coffee.
The three of us at the office biked down to the water and ate lunch in the sun with our feet in the sand. We had Børsen as a beautiful backdrop while performing a very summery version of an editorial meeting.
Later, I met with Iben and Mette at Vesterbro for an itzi pizza in Sønder Boulevard. Aaaah, summer!

22 May 2012

20 May 2012


 Four day weekend. Friday, Amalie and Kat came over for some white wine, champagne (Amalie's issuing her first book, and that's always worth celebrating!) and a long-lasting discussion of men.
 Today, Kat and I walked down to Blågårdsgade for a falafel in the sun - it seems as if summer's finally decided to pay Copenhagen a visit.
Uhmm, fluorescent beetroot...
 Ice coffee from Elmegade - and sparkly nail polish.

About Copenhagen

 It's been 302 days since I moved back from Berlin. And while I miss Berlin as strongly as ever - yesterday I felt for a short moment I was back in Urbanstraße on my way out in the summer city - I can't deny that Copenhagen is quite breathtaking when dressed in sun. The mentality of 'we know we're the shit' is still bothering me about this town, but I can ignore it when people are happy and full of life and inhabiting the street. Yesterday, I walked all the way downtown with Kat. The evening sun sent long shadows up the streets, and there were so many people out, they were laughing and looking so young and nice. I can't wait for Distortion to fill up the city - maybe I'll get the last percentage of love back for this place?

18 May 2012

Hang the DJ

 The past week has been busy. Spent lots of time in the north with the family, went to Jutland and hung around the city doing projects and coffee. Friday began with impromptu dinner in the castle and red wine in the strange light that comes when nature doesn't know if it wants to rain or shine...
 Saturday I went around the city with Rasmus to photograph people in Nørrebro for a competition. I held the flash and looked at the city's folks.
 I spontaneously decided to spend Saturday night in the north at my father's. We made snaps and ate roast and watched movies with lots of ice cream.
 I spent all Sunday on the balcony with a book - which resulted in a sunburn, of course...
 My father has lots of ice cream...
The boys on the balcony...
Monday meant print time at the magazine, and we were in St. Kongensgade where we proofread and made some last minute adjustments before sending the whole thing to the printer's. At the proofreading, we went up on the roofterrace - but thanks to the wintery May weather we quickly went back down...