29 May 2012

47 Berlin

Spent 47 hours in Berlin this weekend. Drove down very early Saturday morning, had breakfast with die-hard-football-fans on the ferry and lunch in Dieffenbachstraße with Nina. Got drunk at night, rambled around the u-bahn, woke up in the heat on the 8th floor, spent Sunday at fleamarkets and on a bicycle. Had coffee in the afternoon with old friends, sushi in Prenzlauer Berg, u-bahn. Fell asleep to the sound of Kreuzberg going ballistic, woke up and drove back to Denmark after brunch in the sun. Whirlwind city, but what a great whirlwind.
Weird pose at the canal.....
 Dear Canadian pizza, I've missed you! (Ron Telesky Canadian Pizza, Dieffenbachstraße 62, Kreuzberg)
 Biked around in the summer heat, went from Kreuzberg to Friedrichshain to Prenzlauer Berg to Mitte to Kreuzberg again. What a wonder.
In Mitte I discovered a beautiful courtyard...
 I had afternoon ice coffee at Ringo's (Sanderstraße 2, Neukölln)
 Another ice coffee and ice cream at Kauf Dich Glücklich (Oderberger Straße 44, Prenzlauer Berg)
Frühstück at Fleischmöbel (Oderberger Straße 2, Prenzlauer Berg)
Sunset from the Great Belt Bridge with an apple in the middle.

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