16 May 2012

Heavy machinery

It was around 1am when the car pulled up in front of a dark industrial building in a field in the middle of Jutland. Five people got out of the car and went inside. The sky was black above them, but inside, the grey cube in the field was alive. Beneath the ceiling, a long mechanical snake twisted and turned carrying around pieces of paper freshly printed, smelling of ink and dust. While the light grew stronger outside, the little team stood watching the fruit of the last month's work swoosh through a gigantic machine. First, it wets the paper, then fries it before covering it with ink and sending it to the cutting station. Fast, fast, fast. So fast it produced around 40,000 copies of the magazine in one hour. Suddenly, it was there. The magazine. And we smiled.
 We stayed in the most beautiful old hotel in the middle of Horsens. And it was my first time sleeping alone in a hotel room.
 The editor inspecting her magazine.
 A magazine traveling around beneath the ceiling.
 Paper rolls. It takes around 30 tons of paper to produce 170,000 copies of Ud&Se.
 It's the paper version of the old rubber candy.
The art director inspecting his cover.

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