06 May 2012

Weekend: Garden parties, beers and fleas

 Ah. What a great weekend. Started off Friday with my cousin's confirmation. Among all the pretty Østerbro-people, we sat there in the church with blue hair and long beards, it was great.
 My picky thing about shell fish was tested with a menu only consisting of bouillabaise. But it was quite good, although I left the crab and lobster to the brothers...
 Saturday morning I headed into town to meet up with old friends at a flea market. We had coffee in the sun and wind and caught up on passed time.
 I ended up bying quite a few pairs of earrings (I must admit to having that weakness now...)
 I met Mette for a garden party in Nørrebro in the afternoon. How great must it be to live in a house in the middle of the city, complete with a garden and everything? We enjoyed it... As well as the free sangria.
 When the wind finally became too chilly, we fled to another part of Nørrebro to have spontaneous dinner at Wascator (Refsnæsgade 32, Kbh N). Always a pleasure.
 When the dark crept in, I was a little restless and wanted to go out. So when Emil from journalism school suddenly texted me asking to come out, I did. We ended up going to a quite interesting concert in Osramhuset before crashing the garden party from the afternoon, where we sat around the bonfire before ending up at a bodega with a bunch of youngsters from high school. We had a lot of fun encouraging one of the girls to kiss her crush (that she had had for a year!) - succes!
Emil with a mischievous look on his face...
 Today, I defied the wind to go to a fleamarket in Østerbro where I had hoped to meet up with Iben and Marie. But they weren't there, so I bought myself a coffee - and a pair of earrings at the flea. Later, I met my uncle for a chat in one of Østerbro's hidden, and really nice, streets with coloured houses. I love weekends like these.

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