23 May 2012

Life outside

 Wow. Last week I wore my winter jacket to work fighting my way through cold winds. Today, it must have been around 30 degrees. It's summertime, and people are gitty and happy and can't bear the thought of being inside. Nor me, and I love summerskies and being sunburnt on the nose (always happens!)
 Yesterday, I had a sublime chèvre chaud for lunch... (Beau Marché Café à Vins, Ny Østergade 32, Kbh K)
 I peeled and cut lots of beetroots...
 And had dinner in Nørrebroparken with old friends.
 Today, I came to work to find the new edition of the magazine (the one we witnessed being printed last week), and my boss brought coffee.
The three of us at the office biked down to the water and ate lunch in the sun with our feet in the sand. We had Børsen as a beautiful backdrop while performing a very summery version of an editorial meeting.
Later, I met with Iben and Mette at Vesterbro for an itzi pizza in Sønder Boulevard. Aaaah, summer!

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