29 January 2016


It's 10.45 am and I'm sitting in my living room trying to wrap my head around work. It's been an extraordinarily hectic week. I've worked throughout all days and written almost an article a day. Nights have been spent writing, and my head is about to explode. I have more to come, though, but I'm counting the days until the end of next week when my schedule clears up a little more. I like being busy, it feels like my brain is running and it feels good, like I'm built for it. But it's been a little too much this week as I have barely had time for a break. Hope you get to relax this weekend, wherever you are.

24 January 2016

A foggy Sunday

It's been a great Sunday so far; I slept late, had a quiet morning, went into the city for brunch with some friends, took a walk around Nyhavn, and relaxed on the sofa. In a minute, I'll walk over to Chris for some banana cake and later I'm doing an interview. I wish all Sundays could be like this.
Nyhavn is always pretty.
After brunch, a fog had crept in over the city and swept up all the colours...
Even the Marble Church was halfway gone.
But I didn't mind the view in the other direction.
AnCa and Kristiina checked out the royal palace. It looks like I lightened the area around them. I didn't.
At the end of this street is where you can usually see the Marble Church...
See the difference from the photo above?
I walked some of the way home, and in Frederiksberg I came by a florist and bought yellow drum stick flowers for my living room. Ah, Sundays...

21 January 2016

The tower

Those of you who follow along on Instagram may have noticed that I've posted a few photos from high up. Last week it snowed for the first time, and I knew I couldn't miss the view of a snow-covered Copenhagen. So on the way to see my father, I swung by Christiansborg's tower, took the elevator up and braved the icy wind to shoot the city. Yesterday, I wound up there again. This time for a date (note to self: don't go up there when it's sub zero out...) Anyways, the light was almost disappearing and it was kind of magical seeing the city lighting up for night.
I just love the canals. 
The view from the office wasn't too bad either.
That light!
Oh but look at that. Blurry, yes, but I don't care. My hands were probably shaking from the cold.

11 January 2016

The 26th

So, I moved into my new place a week ago. I haven't lived alone since the three months in Berlin, and that was two years ago... When I unpacked my things I said hello to so many things I'd forgotten I had. Books I've been meaning to read forever, pictures of dear friends that have once again found a place on the wall, and my K-lamp, my table, my maps... Material things, yes, but when you've moved 26 times, you become attached to things you only get to live with once in a while. It's good to be home.
The first morning, I woke up with a cold, but nonetheless it was great listening to the city waking up while deeply immersed in blankets.
AnCa has left a few things in the apartment, one of them is this chair. I am enjoying it as long as I can, it's so good to sit in, especially by the window reading. Also here is the K-lamp I bought in Berlin. I love it.
I've had a strained relationship with Vesterbro for many years - long story - but now that I have come back, I'm slowly warming up. I spent a half hour in a thrift shop the other day talking to the owner, and it left me with such a good feeling. She was funny and sweet and extremely helpful. I love those encounters.

07 January 2016

Christmas in Italy

We spent Christmas beneath the mountains in my father's house in Italy. The sun was out and it was amazing leaving the cold north for long, light days in the south. It was warm enough to sit outside and eat, and the birds were singing. I've been there in summer and spring and now winter, and I don't know which season it's most beautiful. Nature is just something else there. Anyways, it was so great spending time with the brothers and hanging out and being quiet and just not think about work for 10 days.
We had a pit stop along the way from Rome. In just two hours, the temperature had dropped 10 degrees, and the afternoon sun kissed the cool mountain tops.
There was hardly any snow on the Maiellas but the fog made for an impressive view from the garden.
One day, we drove up to the Gran Sasso and remembered to take lots of band photos.
I love these boys to the universe's end and back!
We grilled arrosticini, and evidently the boys did a better job than their neighbour.
Sølve is staring into the blue mountains.
Anders looked victorious on the stones.
Rocca Calascio was just as majestic as it was in August. It's so impressive to build a castle on a mountain top.
Just look at that! And the guy sitting there in front of the world.
It's my family down there, the small dots.
Sølve against light and sporting some kind of man bun.
I took a walk one of the days. Walked down the hills and back. Jesus, it's a hike!
When I came back, only Sølve was home. So we made whisky and coffee and sat outside and played games while we talked about literature and stuff. It was wonderful.
On the last day, the two youngest wanted to play football near the house, so Sølve and my father and I drove to the little town of Caramanico Terme. We landed in the middle of the siesta so the town was literally abandoned. But it was sort of nice to have a whole place to ourselves.
Oh, those small mountain towns!
Italy, my darling, I'm almost sure we'll see each other again in 2016.