24 January 2016

A foggy Sunday

It's been a great Sunday so far; I slept late, had a quiet morning, went into the city for brunch with some friends, took a walk around Nyhavn, and relaxed on the sofa. In a minute, I'll walk over to Chris for some banana cake and later I'm doing an interview. I wish all Sundays could be like this.
Nyhavn is always pretty.
After brunch, a fog had crept in over the city and swept up all the colours...
Even the Marble Church was halfway gone.
But I didn't mind the view in the other direction.
AnCa and Kristiina checked out the royal palace. It looks like I lightened the area around them. I didn't.
At the end of this street is where you can usually see the Marble Church...
See the difference from the photo above?
I walked some of the way home, and in Frederiksberg I came by a florist and bought yellow drum stick flowers for my living room. Ah, Sundays...

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