21 January 2016

The tower

Those of you who follow along on Instagram may have noticed that I've posted a few photos from high up. Last week it snowed for the first time, and I knew I couldn't miss the view of a snow-covered Copenhagen. So on the way to see my father, I swung by Christiansborg's tower, took the elevator up and braved the icy wind to shoot the city. Yesterday, I wound up there again. This time for a date (note to self: don't go up there when it's sub zero out...) Anyways, the light was almost disappearing and it was kind of magical seeing the city lighting up for night.
I just love the canals. 
The view from the office wasn't too bad either.
That light!
Oh but look at that. Blurry, yes, but I don't care. My hands were probably shaking from the cold.


Deborah said...

Wow, det er flotte fotos! Jeg har aldrig været oppe i tårnet! Det må jeg vist få noget gjort ved, og også andre i byen. Tak for det flotte kig og for du trodsede kulden :)

karen sofie said...

Tak skal du have :) Det er helt sikkert et besøg værd at tage i Tårnet. Det er jo gratis, og her om vinteren er der ingen kø, så det kan kun anbefales.