30 January 2013


I have managed to gather a little group of Danes here in Montreal - something that I'd normally not do as you want to interact with the locals when you live somewhere else. But these people are great, and we have lots of fun together. I know them from various constellations, and luckily we seem to get along really well when we're all together. Of course, cooking a dinner where you manage to get drunk before the food is ready is never a bad idea. So here's what happened last night:
Hui came over to make quiche and chicken, and we hung out in the kitchen drinking wine talking about the kind of subjects you always seem to cross with a new group... No comments.
The fire alarm went off.
When my roomies came home around midnight and wanted to go to bed, we moved out of the house. John recommended a place on Parc, a no name bar with plants inside. We arrived just as they wanted to close, but we stayed there for a few hours drinking cocktails and being the only ones there.
 The decor was strange.
At 3.30 they kicked us out, and today I've spent two hours cleaning the apartment with a slight hangover. God I love that.

27 January 2013

Friday, 11th floor

Before going out on Friday, I went by Kenneth's office in Mile-End for a beer and a stunning view over this fair city. There's something calming and exhilarating about a twinkly city at night time. Beauty.

26 January 2013

Night out

Yesterday, we danced, laughed, stole, dressed up, gossiped, drank, ran into cabs, and everything else. I woke up wearing a tiara with a beer glass, a book, a glove and condoms in my bag. I love nights like that.
 We started at Robin des Bois (4653 Blvd St Laurent, Plateau) where we had great dinner and a couple of bottles of white.
 Next, we went to Waverly (5550 Blvd St Laurent, Mile-End) for cocktails - some of them invented by our crew - and dancing to the 80s.
 After that, we went to Royal Phoenix (5758 Blvd St Laurent, Mile-End), a gay bar where we danced and danced and laughed.

25 January 2013

Montréal soundtrack

It's been a while since I've made a music post. I listen to music constantly, and I love how some music becomes the soundtrack of a certain period in your life. Like Beach House and Wildbirds & Peacedrums in Berlin... In Montréal I've tried to listen to local acts. I've had a long standing relationship with Grimes, and the last few weeks I've listened to Purity Ring, Julia Holter, Alt-J and Mariam the Believer a lot. (The three latter are not from Montréal, though)... When I listen to the songs now, they remind me of just stepping out into this city looking at everything for the first time, taking it all in fresh and pure with no filter and with endless curiosity. Bliss!

23 January 2013


Just a few snaps from the phone. I have the day off, which means I don't have to go outside and go to school, instead I get to stay inside and do homework... Outside, it's -26 degrees, which is just completely bananas, so I'm happy to stay inside. In a little month's time I'm going to New York for a few days (arms won't go down) - if you have any recommendations - cafés, old factories, secret bars, places to crash or more - don't hesitate to share!
I made banana pancakes for breakfast, with blueberries. While cheese and fish is pricey here, blueberries don't cost a thing. I'm taking advantage of that big time!
 Monday is looking good right now.
 Preparing to go outside. Hipster version.
Next to me in bed is a local magazine, a good one, and coffee. Despite the freezing temperatures, the sun is shining brightly through my windows.

21 January 2013


Like my sight (and my memory), I have noticed that my photos from nights out tend to end up somewhat blurry... Which is also the case with some of the few snaps I managed to take this Saturday when I wasn't drinking beer, downing shots or ordering viciously strong Moscow Mules. Oooh.
 Thomas and John (roomie) at a bar where they had two bowling lanes (background). Joy!

19 January 2013


Everyday life is upon me, and it's great. Here are some points of the last week:
Monday 14.30: I have just finished an interview downtown, and the sun beams down over the freezing city. I walk past some beautiful buildings.
Tuesday 10.42: I try to make banana pancakes for breakfast, but I fail miserably and eat yoghurt instead. I skype with people in the kitchen.
18.48: I meet Kenneth for dinner, and we eat fish'n'chips at Comptoir 21 (21 Rue St Viateur Ouest, Mile-End) followed by beer at classy Sparrow (5322 Boul. St Laurent, Mile-End).
Wednesday 16.51: On my way to visit Sophie at Moment Factory, I finally snap a photo of the schoolbus that runs up and down my street with the Jewish kids. It's like a film.
 Thursday 11.20: On my way to school I notice how the tall buildings downtown resemble robots.
 11.32: I ride the schoolbus and stand up front as the sun lights up the snow.
 Friday 13.58: My street is beautiful in sunlight.
 14.38: I go to the international office at the downtown campus, and there's a marvellous view over the buildings in sun.
 15.58: On my way to a coffee date at Plateau I look at buildigs at Boul. St Laurent.
 16.11: I meet Hui for coffee and a sinful peanut-chocolate-cookie at Café Névé (151 Rue Rachel, Plateau) - I haven't seen Hui since 2007, and we talk for three hours. Wonderful!
 Saturday 12.19: I'm presently sitting in my bed with coffee about to get started on homework. I have taken a class in the Film Studies department called Late Silent Film. I'm pretty excited! Have a good weekend out there!

18 January 2013


As you know, I've moved around a lot. Even during these years with the blog, I've moved around. For me, it's funny to look back and see the places I've called home - in Prenzlauer Berg (click on the links to see it), in Kreuzberg, in the White Castle, in Aarhus and now in Montreal. These snaps are from my current domicil. I love the old, squeaky floors, the crooked doors and the sense of living somewhere with history. And the people here are great, too.
 This is my room.
 The heaters in this place are all painted; bronze, gold, brown....
 And of course, the kitchen where Elvis resides.