03 January 2013

Today I went downtown to the 70s

I have fallen for this city. I don't care if it's cold and I'm basically ice skating down the sidewalks. This place is truly amazing. Perhaps I have just woken up from a long period of numbness (sorry Denmark), but today I was on my own riding around this town and I came to life as I had to maneuvre myself around this place only relying on my French skills and poor sense of direction. I left my little Jewish part of the city to go on the bus downtown where the buildings reached for the skies and were clad in 70s dresses. Wow! Everything was plattenbau-esque and made of materials and designs I have only seen in films that are 40 years old. Very interesting. I love this city!
 Metro Place-des-Arts. Even the underground system here is from the 70s.

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