14 January 2013

Before Montréal

Everything went by so fast between Christmas and New Years, and suddenly I was flying over the Atlantic to Montréal. So here are some much delayed glimpses from the days spent before my Canadian chapter:
 Sølve at my mom's house. There was a snow storm the 23rd - two days later all the snow was gone.
All we did in those Christmas days was play games - cards, Bezzerwizzer, iPhone-games, new games, old games. Here, NP is dealing cards with a serious brow.
 After Christmas with my mom in Jutland, we headed to the north of Zealand for Christmas at my dad's. Which of course meant lots of wine and food with mushrooms (not those kinds).
 We also had brunch.
 On New Years Day I had brunch with the ladies at Anna's place. We had champagne for breakfast and talked and laughed - and I got an early copy of Amalie's book that came out January 4th. It's a must to read, so well-written and beautiful and clever. I'm truly proud of her!
 New Years was spent at Iben and Ulrik's for a fine dinner with good people. Mette was there too, and she played around with the flowers. It was strange watching the fireworks marking the beginning of new year, I knew that a few hours later I would be on a plane taking me to new adventures.
 Iben had made kaleidoscopic balloons for the ceiling.
Christoffer, Jonas and Asbjørn crashed the party, and it was so good to see them. It had been far too long, but that's what happens when your friends are far away (Jonas lived in London throughout the fall).
 I was in awe of the food - beautiful and so tasty, I felt like eating at Noma!

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