02 January 2013

Montreal; cold, beautiful, utterly intriguing

So, I've lived in Montreal for 24 hours. It's amazing. My apartment is beatiful, old with creaking floors and moldings in the ceiling, and it's located in the Jewish quarter, so there are only black-dressed men with hats and beards and long curly hair walking around in the streets. The sun has been shining all day from a blue sky, and there is snow, and it's cold. But I'm already loving it here, I'm sure the next few months will be very interesting. Today, I walked around with the two other guys on exchange, we hung out with my roommate, saw his atelier in an old factory and explored my area, Mile-End.
 We had breakfast in a café not far from my house. I had an omelette sandwich and potato salad.
 Thomas and Christoffer
 The view from John's atelier; Montreal. The weird thing in the middle is the olympic stadium.
In Mile-End there are lots of old factory-type buildings = yes!
 There's lots of snow and it's cold, -16 degrees today... I hope I'll get used to it.
I live here. My room is the window above the white doors.


MusicIsMySecret said...

Hihi, du skulle næsten høre Pulp's "Mile End" - håber ikke det er så slemt hos dig. Glæder mig meget til at følge med i dit Montreal-eventyr!

karen sofie said...

Ha, den tjekker jeg ud!
Fedt, du følger med :)

Deborah said...

Wow, then we can't complain here with our +6 C today although very windy so feels colder.

Montreal looks very nice, looking forward to seening more and hearing, what you're up to.

Deborah said...

Looks lovely there, can't wait to see more. We've had +6 C here today, but very windy, so feels much colder.

P.S.: I know I'm asking a lot of you, but could you look into another spam solution? Impossible for me to read, I'm on my 5th. attempt to leave a comment :-(

Michelle said...

Hold op det ser koldt ud ! ;)

Følger også med, selvom det kun er sjældne gange, at jeg lige smider et par ord herinde. Men kigge med det gør jeg hvertfald! Godt nytår herfra :)))

karen sofie said...

Deborah: Right now I'd love me some +6 degrees! I think -16 is a little too cold :)
Hmm, what is the problem with the spam thing? I've never had problems with it before...

Michelle: Dejligt, du læser med! Også selvom det er en 'silent reader' :) Godt nytår til dig også!

Karoline said...

Loving the new chapter of your life ! Can't wait to see much more of it - thank you for sharing :)

karen sofie said...

Karoline: Thank you for following! I can't wait to show - and experience - more over here. it's a wonderful city!