30 January 2013


I have managed to gather a little group of Danes here in Montreal - something that I'd normally not do as you want to interact with the locals when you live somewhere else. But these people are great, and we have lots of fun together. I know them from various constellations, and luckily we seem to get along really well when we're all together. Of course, cooking a dinner where you manage to get drunk before the food is ready is never a bad idea. So here's what happened last night:
Hui came over to make quiche and chicken, and we hung out in the kitchen drinking wine talking about the kind of subjects you always seem to cross with a new group... No comments.
The fire alarm went off.
When my roomies came home around midnight and wanted to go to bed, we moved out of the house. John recommended a place on Parc, a no name bar with plants inside. We arrived just as they wanted to close, but we stayed there for a few hours drinking cocktails and being the only ones there.
 The decor was strange.
At 3.30 they kicked us out, and today I've spent two hours cleaning the apartment with a slight hangover. God I love that.

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