01 February 2013

Square glimpses

And so it's February. January just flew by! I can't believe it's been a month since I touched ground here, all excited, humble, slightly jetlagged and utterly ready to explore... It's been a good month, and February will be too - next weekend we're taking a roadtrip to Québec City with the wig guys, and the week after we're going to New York! Here are some glimpses of the last couple of days:
 As I have two days off during the week (not including weekend, woo!), I do what I love the most; make good breakfast and crawl under the covers in bed with coffee as I try to do my homework. I can't tell you how much I love drinking coffee in bed.
 Especially since I finally bought a French press last Friday.
 On Saturday, Christoffer and I climbed Mont Royal only to find a quite flat view - we're convinced we took the wrong route. But going through the woods in snow was fun, especially since I may still have been drunk from the night before. Plus, when we got off the bus at Parc, a man approached us with 'hey, do you guys want some weed?' - such a surprising question we didn't know what to answer and must have looked really funny.
 Downtown campus. I like that white box.
 My backyard.
On Wednesday, I spent a big part of the day cleaning up the apartment after the Danish invasion. You should have seen the kitchen...
Today, I'm wearing fluorescent nail polish (the effect doesn't come across here) as I try to do some research. Coffee in bed, as lovely as it is, doesn't really encourage school work...

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