11 February 2013

Québec City I

So we went to Québec City. There were bars, spinning cars on the snowy highway, Antoine's huge apartment, walking, freezing winds, carnevals, ice candy, russian playback choirs (!), rapping, drinking and poutine. All whirled together in a weekend of fun and fast track.
We went to a carneval, where they served ice candy; maple syrup on ice that you roll onto a stick like a lollipop. Extreme sugary....
 Perfect picture with a strange angry girl.
 The carneval was super kitchy and fun, so when there were photo opps, of course there was only the choice of jumping in.
 It was super cold and windy, but the city was old and beautiful.

We went up into an old hotel (Château Frontenac) that looked like a fairy tale castle (of course I forgot to photograph it) - we went to the rooftop and had a magnificent view over the snowtipped city.
 The boys were cool.
 Antoine and Orphé with their drink of choice; Saint Georges, a sort of porto - they bought 4 litres, and it was gone by the end of the night...
Orphé classic.


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Marple Syrup on ice and on a stick? I like!!