05 February 2013

The little things

When you live somewhere else, your attention to details expand. I've written about this before, but somehow I forgot to mention these small quirky things that makes me wonder or smile when I walk around the city looking at people and the life here. For instance:
- People queue for the bus here. Long, even lines form at the bus stop, and you patiently await your turn. It's far from the Danish mentality of 'me first' - there are no sharp elbows in Montreal.
- The cars only have licence plates in the back. So the cars look like muted animals...
- Whenever I order a coffee at a café, there's one inevitable question: 'Do you want sugar?' Perhaps this is not the weirdest thing, but I come from a place where people normally want all of the sugar taken out of the coffee, and here I get a bewildered look when I answer no to sugar. And then there are the coffee sizes! A small here is an extra large in Denmark. I still haven't gotten used to seeing people walk around with a liter coffee in their hands as if it was the most normal thing...
- Here, it's the ladies who score the men and not the other way around. Something I find very strange and unsettling.
- Hockey is religion
- Like in Sweden, you can only buy hard liquor in certain outlets. And they close at 22h on a Friday. You can still buy beer in some kiosks, but it can be hard to find.
- The cars are enormous. Trucks are like houses on wheels...

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