28 June 2015

When AE graduated

Monday was a happy day. Anders graduated from high school, the last of the brothers, and we all celebrated the whole day.
We were all excited while we waited outside the exam room. Here is my mom.
Gitte and NP brought flags.
NP put the hat on his head.
Look how happy and relieved he was.
When Sølve graduated, he wore the beautiful sweater knitted by my grandmother. He passed it along to NP when he graduated four years ago, and then it was time to pass it to AE. A tradition is born.
Sølve looked cool as always.
It's good luck to bite the hat, so of course I did.
I love this photo of my father and Sølve.
Celebrating AE meant having lots of friends over. Some of my parents' friends are like extra parents to me and their children like extra siblings. Amanda and Sølve, for instance, have been friends forever.

26 June 2015


I was just spending my Friday night with my feet in hot water, some red wine in a glass nearby and a French movie, and then I scrolled through this blog. Reminisced about nights in Berlin with random happenings, men with beards and unforeseen events. What a great time it was! And while I miss the fun and the fact that everything was fresh, new and completely random, I don't miss the city. The other day, it dawned on me that I hadn't had that nomad-ache in the back of my stomach in a long time. I used to have it all the time and had to suppress it, had to remind myself to be happy wherever I was. Now, I just love being here in Copenhagen. I love driving down streets, looking at people and buildings, meeting friends for lunch, seeing them all the time... And how wonderful it is to be free. And happy.

14 June 2015


It's been a good weekend. I'm loving Copenhagen these days; full of light and laughter and good people.
On Friday, I met up with Chris and Kristiane for beers at Papirøen. The summer night was beautiful, and the bass was deep as people paddled by. We spontaneously decided to go to nearby Film school where there was a party. It was a bit boring, but fun to see.
Just look at that. It's one of my favourite buildings in Copenhagen.
On Saturday, we got up early to go north for Esther's name day party. It was hot and humid, but the party was near Furesø lake, and it was green and wonderful beneath the trees.
The party's princess herself.
And her beautiful mother.
There is just something about water.
Today, Kathrine and I took a walk downtown. We got ice coffee and had some good talks.
The flea market was out on Ravnsborggade, and there were lots of people out. So that was the weekend. Now, I'm off to the cinema! Enjoy the rest of your Sundays!

12 June 2015

I love Copenhagen

I say it every year, but there is something truly magic about this time. This year, it's taken spring some time to fully arrive in Denmark, but as it's now here everything is wonderful. I am ever in awe of the light and the long summer nights soon reaching their peak. I am spending my time working and enjoying myself, and what more could you wish for? This week has been good;
On Monday, I hung out by the lakes and watched the sun dip down below the rooftops and colour everything in dramatic nuances. The weather was caught somewhere between rain storm and sun, and that always makes for the most intense skies. Plus, the water was perfectly still, and everything looked like it had been folded in the middle.
On Wednesday, I visited one of my favourite ladies and her rooftop. We giggled and started planning a little trip later this summer. I thought it'd be a summer only consisting of work, but now I have managed to plan two trips in a week, so it's looking up!
Yesterday, I went to Papirøen with my father, Sølve, his girlfriend and AE. We had incredible food and wine and my love for Copenhagen only increased (am I starting to sound a little frantic?).
My father blended right in with the hipsters...
And of course, we had to do this as is my tradition whenever I'm at Papirøen...
This is what made my heart beat faster; the water and the buildings and people paddling by. Plus, the deep rumble of the bass playing from Papirøen, the sound of people enjoying themselves and just the view and the light.
Also, Christianshavn!
The stylish couple.

07 June 2015

Weekend life

I think one of the things about becoming older is the fact that partying doesn't have the same priority as before. Sure, I still love a good party, but I don't chase it as I once did. Now, weekends can be absolutely wonderful when they're enjoyed far from the city and in the company of my family. Like this one. I had Friday off, so I headed north for some reading, wine-drinking, board game playing, beach-walking, laughing, eating and above all some quality time with the family. It was great!
Friday morning began at home with Politiken. Because it was the 100th anniversary for allowing women to vote in Denmark, Politiken celebrated it by issuing the paper in its design from that day a 100 years ago. Very beautiful. I enjoyed it with my oatmeal and coffee with beans from Koppi.
Saturday, I went for a walk in the north with music in my ears. It was so very humid and windy, but the sky was dramatic and it was great walking through the sand in bare feet.
I love the water!
These floral bushes made me happy with their colours popping out.
And although you can barely see it here, the view down to the ocean is one of my favourites.

03 June 2015

Italia part due

After a few days in the yellow house in Abruzzo, we packed the car and headed south for Naples.
Our B&B, Zia Maria, was amazing and I can highly recommend it for anyone traveling to Naples and in need of a bright, clean and relaxing space - and cheap - with a rooftop terrace... Who wouldn't want to wake up to that view as well?
While Kathrine enjoyed her sun-time in Sorrento (she said it was beautiful and easily accessed by a 30 minute boat ride), Kristiane and Klaudia and I wandered the narrow streets of Naples.
We came by a little market and otherwise got lost in the streets of the Spanish quarter. Here, the clothes hung out to dry on intricate lines above our heads, and old ladies had things delivered to them by a wire up to their balconies. There were heavy gesturing, shouts, cars and scooters making their way down the streets, dogs and kids playing and so much life.
I love these little girls hanging out in front of the cool streetart.
I have a bad shoulder going on, so I tried to relieve it by trying the age old tourist trick known as the fanny pack around the waist. It went well and I fit right in.
We reached the top of the steep streets and were rewarded by one of the most impressive views I've ever seen. I was awestruck as I took in the long view of the city with all its chaotic rooftops, Vesuvius in the distance, the bay with the big cruise ships docking and the blue toned mountains in the horizon. What a place!
The girls sat on the wall; my fear of heights made me stay behind, even though there was a roof beneath the wall to catch you if you fell. I am becoming such a wuss in my old age...
So I took selfies instead.
At night, we went out for pizzas at Di Matteo on Via dei Tribunali (try it, it's an experience!) and enjoyed them with beers on the roof while the sun went down. It was the perfect way to end our flirt with Naples.
The next day we were bound for the airport to go home. We had a whole day to make the way from Naples to Rome and decided to go for a drive up the coast to see the little towns there scattered like pearls. After some car trouble (don't ever rent with Sicily by Car!), we finally made it to Gaeta, a little town built along a cliff reaching into the turquoise water. It was mesmerizing.
The weather was gorgeous.
22 minutes further up the coast, we reached Sperlonga, another coastal gem. It was wonderful.
My company. Not bad, eh?
 The view over the sea from the little town was pretty alright.
And of course, one last mirror selfie, this time with the whole gang. We loved you Italy, and we will be back for more!