01 June 2015

Italia part uno

Oh, Italy my heart. Once again I am deeply in love with that country full of bounty, full of beauty, full of all things wonderful. Like last year, this trip was great and I would gladly do it all over again. I will share glimpses of it here; besides the obvious, there was also time for lots of laughs, reading, quiet time, game-playing, wine-drinking and cheese and ham eating. So here's the crème de la crème from the first couple of days:
The first morning in the yellow house, the sun shone wonderfully. We had breakfast outside and took in one of my favourite views in the world.
 A few days later, we drove to Loreto-Aprutino, where we walked the steep streets, checked in on the castle, had ice cream and drove through heavy rain showers.
Kathrine and Kristiane forcing their way up the streets.
I love the chaos in the architecture. It's not too neat and thought-out as in Scandinavia.
Loreto was lovely. I absolutely adore views like these.
I swear I took the exact same photo last year!
A classic.
A few days later, Klaudia joined us and we took the incredibly scenic drive up to Gran Sasso, Campo Imperatore. We stopped in on this little hut, bought arrosticini, bread with oil, fresh Abbruzzo Pecorino and a bottle of red. We ate it all beneath the mountains, and we were the only ones there.
Love this photo of the grilling girls!
On our way up to the old ski resort, we drove through these mountains of snow.....
On our way back, we drove through Castel del Monte, my favourite draped-around-the-mountain-town.
Annoying that there was a crane there to ruin all the idyl.
When we came down from the mountains, we bought ice cream and saw this; the most Italian scene ever.

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