28 June 2015

When AE graduated

Monday was a happy day. Anders graduated from high school, the last of the brothers, and we all celebrated the whole day.
We were all excited while we waited outside the exam room. Here is my mom.
Gitte and NP brought flags.
NP put the hat on his head.
Look how happy and relieved he was.
When Sølve graduated, he wore the beautiful sweater knitted by my grandmother. He passed it along to NP when he graduated four years ago, and then it was time to pass it to AE. A tradition is born.
Sølve looked cool as always.
It's good luck to bite the hat, so of course I did.
I love this photo of my father and Sølve.
Celebrating AE meant having lots of friends over. Some of my parents' friends are like extra parents to me and their children like extra siblings. Amanda and Sølve, for instance, have been friends forever.

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