14 June 2015


It's been a good weekend. I'm loving Copenhagen these days; full of light and laughter and good people.
On Friday, I met up with Chris and Kristiane for beers at Papirøen. The summer night was beautiful, and the bass was deep as people paddled by. We spontaneously decided to go to nearby Film school where there was a party. It was a bit boring, but fun to see.
Just look at that. It's one of my favourite buildings in Copenhagen.
On Saturday, we got up early to go north for Esther's name day party. It was hot and humid, but the party was near Furesø lake, and it was green and wonderful beneath the trees.
The party's princess herself.
And her beautiful mother.
There is just something about water.
Today, Kathrine and I took a walk downtown. We got ice coffee and had some good talks.
The flea market was out on Ravnsborggade, and there were lots of people out. So that was the weekend. Now, I'm off to the cinema! Enjoy the rest of your Sundays!

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