07 June 2015

Weekend life

I think one of the things about becoming older is the fact that partying doesn't have the same priority as before. Sure, I still love a good party, but I don't chase it as I once did. Now, weekends can be absolutely wonderful when they're enjoyed far from the city and in the company of my family. Like this one. I had Friday off, so I headed north for some reading, wine-drinking, board game playing, beach-walking, laughing, eating and above all some quality time with the family. It was great!
Friday morning began at home with Politiken. Because it was the 100th anniversary for allowing women to vote in Denmark, Politiken celebrated it by issuing the paper in its design from that day a 100 years ago. Very beautiful. I enjoyed it with my oatmeal and coffee with beans from Koppi.
Saturday, I went for a walk in the north with music in my ears. It was so very humid and windy, but the sky was dramatic and it was great walking through the sand in bare feet.
I love the water!
These floral bushes made me happy with their colours popping out.
And although you can barely see it here, the view down to the ocean is one of my favourites.

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