30 May 2014

Glimpses of Denmark

It's strange to think that I've been living in Denmark for three months now. When I left Berlin in the end of February, I didn't think I'd decide to move back to Denmark, and I thought I'd only be here for a month. Things can change so fast I guess. I've enjoyed myself the last few months here;
There was my mom's birthday.
Days in Elsinore.
Days in Copenhagen. (More here and here)
And spent lots of time in Aarhus.
Kristiane and I went to Louisiana.
Spring came to Copenhagen.
I went to Stockholm to visit Chris. (More Stockholm here, here and here)
And then summer came.

28 May 2014

In Italy

Right now, I'm hopefully lounging on the roofterrace in Italy, overlooking the mountains, drinking white wine, reading in a book and gossiping with Kathrine. I will be back with photos when I come home, until then you can check my Instagram for more recent updates. Enjoy your week, I'll be enjoying mine!

26 May 2014

Birthday weekend

Yesterday, my youngest brother turned 18, and the whole family gathered for a weekend of celebration. My parents got divorced 8 years ago, and I'm so happy that we can gather as a modern family in new constellations and have such a good time. What a great weekend.
The birthday boy and his girlfriend Signe.
Sølve and NP having wine and a cigarette outside.
I dig Sølve's new beard style.
The night ended with a board game - and some heavy laughing due to a heavy intake of alcohol.
On AE's actual birthday on Sunday, Signe and I made eggs benedict for breakfast.
Fredericke, Sølve's girl, wore her hair pink.
NP goofed around.
Henrik, my mom's boyfriend, made this beautiful birthday cake covered in flags.
An impromptu band photo.

23 May 2014


It was 26 degrees yesterday, the first real taste of summer this year. I spent the afternoon on Ida's little balcony drinking coffee out of classic Danish porcelain and eating homemade cookies (!). We talked so much that we forgot time, and suddenly I had to rush to Vesterbro to meet up with AnCa for dinner on her rooftop terrace. Those terraces quickly made me forget my recent pangs of missing Berlin...
Look how beautiful it was at Ida's place.
I really love AnCa's rooftop. I've been up there many times, AnCa's apartment was my first stop when I moved back from Berlin in 2011 (seems like so long ago!), and we've had both parties and tea up there.
The lady herself looking good in sundown light.

20 May 2014

In one week

Next week I'm taking a highly irresponsible trip to my father's house in Italy with Kathrine. Irresponsible because I have  a b s o l u t e l y  no money. But I have always liked the idea of doing something simply because you want to, not caring about anything else, and I couldn't look more forward to this trip. In the meantime I'm starting to miss Berlin. Not so much life there, just small things like being in my own apartment (!!!), walking to meet friends at Five Elephant, and just the whole feeling of living in a foreign place. When will I ever be happy where I am? I'm crossing my fingers that this just comes from having lived in someone else's house for a few months, and that I'm basically just longing to live in my own place with my own things and being the boss. Because I am getting so incredibly tired of always longing for something else than what I've got. It's both very unsettling and very spoiled. I keep reminding myself of the reasons why I made the decision to go back to Copenhagen, and I'm really looking forward to settling down in the city and being close to my friends. But man am I afraid of regretting. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what will happen. Until then I am looking so much forward to going to Italy next week and enjoy enjoy enjoy.

19 May 2014

Stockholm by phone

This weekend was a quiet one; I spent it with my brother watching Star Wars movies - so good! Luckily, I still have a few snaps from Stockholm to share. They were taken with my phone, and they make me happy - it was such a good weekend up there!
Fabrique is a chain of bakeries, and despite my hate of chains I had to bow down to this one - so good. It was all over the city with great coffee and great cardamom buns.
This corner! The stripes, the green sign, the windows, the letters!
Hello hello. Chris and I went a little selfie crazy on Vaxholm.
We came by this building several times during the weekend, and I couldn't get over how pretty it was. I love those green screens, they look like green eyelids.
Vaxholm idyl.
Narrow streets in Gamla Stan.
Love love love Swedish wooden houses.
One of the perks of flying early in the morning (and in sun, mostly) is that you get to see the world from above. The last photo here is of Copenhagen with Amager on the right. You can barely see the lakes, and the city looks so tiny, it took me many minutes to realize it was indeed Copenhagen. Little town.