12 May 2014

In the city

On Tuesday, I went to the Justin Timberlake concert semi spontaneously. Living in Stockholm, Chris couldn't make it, so I took her ticket - and what a night! It was my first major show concert like that, and I was very well entertained. I remembered my high school days with his old songs, and it was a blast singing along and watching the 50,000 people in the audience being swept away as well.
Mette and Iben joined me.
At one point, the front part of the stage drew away and he glided into the middle of the audience. Pretty rad.
Kristiane and I indulged in coffee and sweet treats in Torvehallerne on Monday when I came back from Stockholm.
On Thursday, I met up with the Montreal men for a long chat and drinks - we had so much to talk about that I forgot all about my camera... First, cava with Christoffer at Torvehallerne (it tasted as pink and good as it looks.)
On Friday, I had a sleepover at Tine's. It meant lots of giggles, candy and movies (great). Her view over the rooftops in Nordvest is pretty alright.
Saturday morning, she made me a lavish breakfast table.
Later, I met up with the lovely AnCa for an impromptu Eurovision night at Imperial.
We walked by Pumpehuset - they have free outdoor concerts over the summer, I'll definitely be checking out the programme as it was a pretty neat location.
Before watching Austria take the throne, we had Viatnemese street food at Lê-Lê.
And then we glammed up Imperial with glitter and champagne!

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