05 May 2014

A weekend in Stockholm, part ett

So, I went to Stockholm this weekend. Chris moved there in February to work as an architect, and I've been wanting to visit her ever since. It was my first time in the Swedish capital, and I enjoyed every second to the max. What a beautiful city! It's both different and similar to Copenhagen; it's more old-fashioned, more nordic, more majestic, and the architecture and fonts make me feel like I've jumped lots of years back in time. Naturally, I snapped hundreds of photos, so I'll be sharing them with you over the next couple of days. Here's the first batch;
Saturday started with breakfast in Södermalm, the trendy neighbourhood. Eating out in Stockholm is even pricier than in Copenhagen (!), so it was great to find that Urban Deli's (Nytorget 4, Södermalm) weekend breakfast was both good and cheap.
The area was neat and, like the rest of Stockholm, full of beautiful things and beautiful people.
Beautiful Chris.
My letter-obsession was heavily satisfied as the Swedes have sprinkled their capital with beautiful 50s-styled signs.
I knew that Swedes do cinnamon buns really well (look how beautiful they are!), but I was happy to discover its sister, the cardammom bun. I ate several over the weekend, happily.
As a Dane, I've been raised with a built-in rivalry with Sweden, and time and time again they beat us; better music, lighter hair, more beautiful language. And the killer blow; 'fika'. A superb term and verb that translates to 'coffee with a (cinnamon)bun' - I will try and incorporate that to the Danish language. Chris and I did lots of fika'ing over the weekend, the best place was at Drop Coffee (Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 10, Södermalm) that a knowledgable Instagram-follower had recommended.
Despite the chilly temperatures, we sat outside with our fika and did some heavy people (and men-) watching.
Oh, the windows!
Oh, Stockholm!


Lina | dasmaedchenmitdenlocken said...

I enjoyed the city so much every time I came there, too – love to see it through your eyes. Your pictures and stories are beautiful!

karen sofie said...

Lina; Thank you! And yes, it's a really beautiful city. It's definitely not my last visit there.