19 May 2014

Stockholm by phone

This weekend was a quiet one; I spent it with my brother watching Star Wars movies - so good! Luckily, I still have a few snaps from Stockholm to share. They were taken with my phone, and they make me happy - it was such a good weekend up there!
Fabrique is a chain of bakeries, and despite my hate of chains I had to bow down to this one - so good. It was all over the city with great coffee and great cardamom buns.
This corner! The stripes, the green sign, the windows, the letters!
Hello hello. Chris and I went a little selfie crazy on Vaxholm.
We came by this building several times during the weekend, and I couldn't get over how pretty it was. I love those green screens, they look like green eyelids.
Vaxholm idyl.
Narrow streets in Gamla Stan.
Love love love Swedish wooden houses.
One of the perks of flying early in the morning (and in sun, mostly) is that you get to see the world from above. The last photo here is of Copenhagen with Amager on the right. You can barely see the lakes, and the city looks so tiny, it took me many minutes to realize it was indeed Copenhagen. Little town.


Becca Waterloo said...

your eye for colors and views is awesome!!!! love all of these

karen sofie said...

Thank you, Becca <3